From the desk of Daniel Bornstein
As we near the first anniversary of the horrific “Airbnb Mansion Party” massacre, we feel obligated to remind landlords and property managers of the risks associated with Halloween festivities.

By thinking smartly, horrors can be avoided on a night fraught with potential mischief, negligence that leads to injury, property damage, and looming liability on many fronts. We touch on the risks in our latest article

We have seen increased friction between landlords and tenants throughout the pandemic over repairs and preventative maintenance. To minimize exposure to the coronavirus, repairs should be prioritized, meaning many fixes requested by renters can and should be postponed. 

Conversely, property owners and operators must get access to the unit to conduct preventive maintenance, but they may not receive a warm welcome by tenants who fear contagion. What’s to give? We discuss it here

San Francisco lawmakers want to cut a deal with landlords of 10 or fewer units. In exchange for waiting for payment of rent debt accrued during the pandemic, landlords could stand to receive 50-65% of the rent owed. We will refrain from commentary until the ordinance is fully studied and digested, but you can get the broad strokes in this MSN article.

Please be safe, think smartly and strategically about your landlord-tenant relationships, and certainly call upon us if we can assist in that regard. 

Ghosts and goblins should be the scariest things landlords, tenants, and property managers encounter this Halloween. 

Disruptive parties, underage drinking, property damage, negligence that leads to injury, fire hazards and other risks all make for spooktacular liability on this evening. 

Hey, Mr. Repairman
Tenants are oftentimes asked to wait for non-urgent repairs to be made.

Meanwhile, some landlords are getting resistance in their attempts to enter the rental unit to make their own repairs and do preventative maintenance. 

In case you missed it, download our white paper

We’ve summarized new landlording rules in the age of COVID in a tidy PDF you can download here.
Upcoming event on tenant buyout agreements

Thanks to our allies at the Rental Housing Association of Southern Alameda County for all they do in the neighborhoods they serve and for inviting us to a November 18th webinar on tenant buyout agreements. Details will be forthcoming and the interim, property owners and operators should get acquainted.
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