Cyber Monday update goes live
November 26th 
9 am PST



This is the time of year when many folks are looking for gifts and deals and here at Haus of Gloi we have an abundance of both!

First of all, for the first time ever we're offering FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders and half off shipping international orders during the 24 hours of Cyber Monday. 

If that wasn't enough to entice you we're also offering a selection of free perfume samples unavailable anywhere else in this collection and gifts with purchase. Here's how that looks:
  • $25 order - Your choice of 1 perfume sample from selection
  • $50 order - Your choice of 2 perfume samples from selection
  • $75 order - Your choice of 3 perfume samples from selection and HoG T-shirt
  • $100 order - Your choice of 4 perfume samples from selection and HoG T-shirt and tote  

In addition to our Yule part I offerings still available in the shop, Cyber Monday brings back old favorites and brand new items. Something for everyone!

Whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else, we hope you enjoy our winter selection and have a safe and happy holiday season. 

As always, our products are vegan and made in small batches with love.

  Emulsifying Scrubs

Room & Linen Sprays

Soy wax candles in 4oz tins
Sandalwood & Cedar
Vanilla Mint
Hot Chocolate & Buttered Toast
Lavender Snowflake

Lip Balm & Tint
Rosey Lipped (tint)
Dark Chocolate
Tangerine Chai

Body Powder
Original Scent
Sandalwood & Cedar
Patchouli & Honey

Brown Sugar Polish

Gimme Mah Coffee Scrub

Handmade Soap
Winter Divinity
Winter Morning

Butter Bombs
Candy Cane Sugarcookie
Vanilla Chai
Amber & Warm Leather
Snow Covered Chrysanthemum

Perfume Only

Stocking Stuffers
Butter Rum Hard Candy
Chocolate Covered Cherries
Traditional Candy Cane
Salty Black Licorice
Bag o' Jellybeans
Candy Cigarettes
Chrysanthemum Tea

Hot Chocolate
Raspberry White Chocolate Cocoa
Brown Sugar Milk Chocolate Cocoa
Cinnamon Vanilla Cocoa
Maple & Sea Salt Cocoa
Dark Chocolate Cocoa with a Melty Marshmallow
Spiced Ginger Cocoa
Caramel Cocoa
Fancy Orange Cocoa
Gimme Mah Coffee

Precious Resins
This base for these blends is a resinous accord made from frankincense, myrrh, amber, copal, and benzoin. 
Precioius Resins & Golden Vanilla
Precious Resins & Snowy Fir
Precious Resins & Sugared Pine
Precious Resins & Rose
Precious Resins & Glowing Mahogany
Precious Resins & Rain
Precious Resins & Carnation and Apple
Precious Resins & Brown Sugar and Cedar


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