YULE Part I goes up Sunday November 4th at Noon PST



I hope everyone has been enjoying a lovely Autumn season. Ready to start thinking about the winter holidays? I sure hope so because there are some great things planned for you. 

We're doing things a little different this year. Our whole Winter lineup will be available in Yule Part I in the following products:
  • Pumpkin Butter
  • Whipped Soap
  • Bubbling Scrub
  • Soy Wax Tarts
  • Perfume Oil
  • Hair Oil
Scroll down to see the Butter Bombs and perfume only selections for this release. 

In the Cyber Monday release at the end of the month we will have our Winter lineup available in Emulsifying Scrubs as well as a selection of Bar Soaps, Bath Bombs, Lip Balm, Coffee and Brown Sugar Scrubs, Atmosphere and Linen Sprays, Candles, and MORE PERFUME. So stay tuned for that!

For now, on to the show!
Rosy Cheeked
Pink grapefruit, fir needles, juniper berries, rosemary, a sprig of parsley and bright winter lilies.
Winter Divinity
Sugary white vanilla divinity with a surprising jolt of peppermint.

Snow Wolf
Bristling and prowling, lonesome and haunting. Three howling firs, white frankincense, vanilla bean husk, tainted by droplets of blood cedar.

The Haus 'nog! Cream, sugar and a shot of dark rum topped with fresh grated nutmeg.

Mamas Porridge
Brown sugar sweetened oatmeal with a spash of milk and a piece of buttery cinnamon sugar dusted toast.

Nefarious Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread dough with red ginger root, black patchouli, sticky resins and swirls of nag champa incense.
His Sweater
A well worn woolen sweater infused with brisk outdoor air, a hint of incense and clean skin musk. Accompanied by three woods and a root: western red cedar heartwood, hawthorn accord and Japanese hiba with a touch of calamus root.
Turkish Delight
A confection of exotic vanilla and rose squares dusted with powdered sugar.
Fancy Bread
Ripe banana, roasted nuts and brown sugar folded into a delicious quick bread.

Fir boughs, deep woods, airy lichens and cold wintery air.

The warm glowing center of home. Autumns last apple pickings, warm bread, orange rind, various fire roasted nuts, cracked black pepper all nailed down by an oozing sticky benzoin.

Mama's Haus
A comforting blend of amber, orange kissed jasmine, egyptian musk, incense,  and sweet patchouli. 

Three Treasures
Sacred gifts of frankincense, myrrh and gold. Smouldering with warmth and brightened with a touch of mandarin rind. 

Plotter's Breakfast
Oaty porridge, stove smoke, kindling wood, a hint of gunpowder and pinch of sweet pipe tobacco.


Butter Bombs
Maple-Vanilla Buttercream
Juniper, Fir, & Sandalwood
Soothing Lavender
Cranberry Rose


Perfume Only

Harvest festivals and all kinds of wintery goodness abounds. It's time for a roll in the hay! Hay accord, that is. This hay accord is a blend of sweet dry hay, a bit of chamomile, a dollop of vanilla, and a twist of lemon. It wears similar to a salty sweet skin musk, it's an unusual and versatile note.
(*Note for folks with grass/hay allergies: hay notes here are blended accords not organic hay material.)

Dreaming Of Spring In A Field Of Hay
Rolling fields of hay, a sprig of honeysuckle, a squeeze of mango, gently wafting mimosa blossoms, and a drizzle of sweet golden honey.

Earth Mama In A Haystack
A big floofy haystack, sweet earthy patchouli, nag champa incense, and just a smidge of dragon's blood.

Hay Bale In The  Humidor
Sweet and earthy hay, cuban tobacco, and a splash of sophisticated gentleman's cologne.

Pillows Of Hay
Our hay accord layered with Troika from our classic collection, and a pillowy marshmallow.

Pocket Flask On The Hayride
The scent of sitting on a bale of hay sipping on a delightful concoction of red apple, maple, whisky, and brown sugar.

Salty Sea Mist Covered Hay
Hay accord with white musk, white amber, and salty sea air.

Scarecrow's Dessert
Sweet hay, fresh popped kettle corn, and funnel cake with powdered vanilla sugar and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

The Old Chapel
An atmospheric scent of fresh hay, well aged sandalwood pews, beeswax and honey candles burning softly, and a bare earth floor.


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