To our wonderful past, current and future clients, to our friends, and to our families:
A new year means something different to every company, every team and every individual. For us, it’s about growth, change and creativity. For starters, we have a new name: Haute House Studio (formerly Haute Flower Boutique). Why the change? Well simply put, we have changed. We started this business with a passion for cutting-edge, personalized floral design, and from that we have sprouted into so much more. We spend our days creating beautiful things and challenging ourselves to be better, so expansion and growth is only natural. Our experience and skills have deepened, so we brought in experts and we built a new “house.” Here’s what it looks like…
1.     We have the best team. Our team has allowed us to grow with the least amount of growing pains possible because they are truly the best. We found more floral design experts, we brought in an amazing behind the scenes rockstar, we snagged a fabulous event/wedding planning gal, and then of course someone who brought it all together with new branding and design . We are who we have always been, but improved with added personality, zest and confidence. We are (re)energized by creating and watching our standards rise with each event.
2.     We have a new house. In February we will move into our new amazing space in Edina, MN. Our team needed a place to create, collaborate and allow Haute House Studio truly come to life. We want this studio to bring us wow moments and total joy; to be a place where we can DO LIFE and continue our award-winning work.
3.     We have “official” expanded offerings. Our main focus is still floral design. We do it really well. However, we also do wedding and event planning/coordination …really well. So, partner with us on floral design for your wedding or event, or partner with us to plan and/or coordinate your wedding or event. Or both. We have options and flexibility to meet our client’s needs. Additionally, we will also be hosting floral design classes and other creative class collaborations with other designers in the future.
So what are we asking you to do? Call us, email us or come by our new space to say hello (when it opens). Our plans for creativity in the form of floral design, wedding/event planning and in-studio classes are going to be no less than awesome. We want to be your partner and friend, not your vendor. So stay tuned for what’s to come. It’s going to be exciting and we want you to be a part of it.
Much love,

Marsha Hunt & Bridget Connell
Haute House Studio
Founded in 2003

We would SO appreciate your vote for Best Florist in Edina Magazine and Minnesota Bride. It's under our old name Haute Flower Boutique. Thank you, thank you! Your support means the world!
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