Haute House Studio April Happenings
Spring is a hopeful time for many people. It signifies new beginnings and potential change. As the number of daylight hours and air temperatures increase, we agree this season carries a sense of HOPE . In April we have Earth Day, Easter and Passover - all days to celebrate the spring season with family and friends. One way we love to celebrate spring is bringing the outside to the inside by gathering botanicals - flowers and plants - for your home and/or office space. Colorful blooms and plants bring joy, positivity, and in our opinion, a sense of HOPE . Happy Spring!
Haute House Workshops
Haute House Classes
  • 4/11: Herb Garden Caddy and Fresh Cut Arrangement
  • 5/7 & 5/23: Blooms, Bubbles & (optional) Botox
  • 5/13: Floral Design & Yoga
  • 5/16: Custom Herb Garden
  • 5/21: Candle Making with Excelsior Candle Co
  • 6/11: Floral Design & Yoga (2nd Tuesday of every month starting in June)
  • Calligraphy, Custom Framing and Hand Knitting coming SOON for May/June so stay tuned!

Haute House Combo (parent/child)
  • 5/5: Mother's Day Succulent Plant Gift

Haute House Kids
  • 4/9: Plantable flower cards
  • 4/15: Eggs and Egg Carton fun!
  • 4/29: May Day Cone Floral Baskets

For more information and to sign-up, click here
Private Events & Parties
Now that our studio space is open, it's time for private events and parties! Kids birthday parties, adult creative celebrations, or corporate team building...the sky is pretty much the limit. It's a fun space where you can feed your creative spirit.

Here's some ideas:

Kids: bath bombs, floral crowns, fairy gardens, painting, play-dough, stationary making and more.

Adults: floral arrangements, succulent gardens, herb gardens, candle making, calligraphy, food/wine pairings with florals, yoga and floral design, etc.

More information will be on our website soon. Until then, contact Bridget at bridget@hautehousestudio.com.
Haute Idea
Fresh herb gardens are the best. Add in flowers to them and WOW! We love making beautiful flower and herb planters that do wonderfully inside and add a lovely punch of color and freshness to your table. All you need is a metal or ceramic container, herb plants and a few small glass vases for your fresh flower arrangements. We love the fresh plants and the burst of color that brightens up your home. They are perfect for your kitchen counters or dining tables! Click here to read the full "how-to" - pictures included!
Haute Entertaining
Earth Day is a good time to remind ourselves that small efforts to "go green" can go a long ways. We love to entertain so our team came up with some of our favorite eco-friendly options to ensure your dinner table is as green as can be on Earth Day and beyond. Click here to read the full blog post with links to ideas and products.
Haute House Studio Around Town
A company always HOPES for amazing press opportunities to not only get the word out about their growing business, but also to demonstrate their personality through words in print or on TV. We were fortunate enough to have three great stories recently

  • The Jason Show: Check out this segment from March 25 that includes tips on cut flowers, herb gardens and bringing plant/flower life inside.

  • Edina Magazine: We are so honored to be featured in the April 2019 issue.

  • Twin Cities Live: Kelli Hanson visited our studio for a "Good Company" story that aired on April 2.
Haute Wedding Photo of the Month
The wonderful wedding of Scott & Ned. Wow was it special - a delightful, happy day filled with HOPE and joy.

Florist & Coordinator : Haute House Studio

Photographer: Elizabeth Donelson