Haute House Studio June Happenings
The Haute House Studio word of the month is PATIENCE. While summer is the season of exploring the outdoors, trying new things, relaxing, adventuring, and creating, it can be a very busy time - long days and packed weekends. For those of us that live in a four-season climate, we savor these sweet summer days. We have summer bucket lists, pools and beaches to visit, gardens to grow and vacations to take. However, with all of these exciting plans, it's important to remember to be PATIENT - seize each moment, take your time with each day, and remember to slow down, breath and enjoy the season.
Haute House Workshops in June
June 11: Floral Design & Yoga , 6 p.m. Come to our studio for 50 minutes of all-levels yoga, followed by a floral design class where you get to take your creation home.

June 19: Haute House Gardens Tour & Tips , 10 a.m. (lunch included). Enjoy a 1-1/2 hour tour of Haute House Gardens with co-owner Marsha Hunt. She'll lead a tour of the extensive gardens at her Edina home and share fool-proof gardening tips for growing hardy perennials, how and when to divide your plants, and to how to achieve color in the garden all-season long. You will take home a hardy perennial division to plant in your own garden. 

June 30: Goat Yoga & Flower Crowns, 11 a.m. off-site at Have Ya Herd
517 County Road Ss, Roberts, WI, 54023. Kick off your summer by doing something out-of-the-box. The farm is only a 45-minute drive from Minneapolis, so grab some friends, download a podcast and create memories.

For more workshop information and to sign-up, click here

Interested in a private event? Book your own event, girls’ night out, corporate networking event, or kid’s birthday party. Contact us for more information.
Haute House Gardens - Planter and Pots
Still haven't gotten to your summer planters and pots? We are here to help! Haute House Studio offers three different size/pricing options, as well as custom if you have something unique in mind or oversized or a different shape, etc.

Click here for more information or call us at 952.582.4483.
Haute Tips of the Month
This month we have three simple gardening tips from Haute House Studio's in-house gardening expert Marsha Hunt. Get gardening!

Lilacs and Flowering Branches : To welcome the beauty and fragrance of lilacs and flowering branches indoors, cut the branches in the cool of the morning or evening if possible. Then bring them inside and begin heating water to boiling or near boiling. Next, recut the stems at an angle with a sharp knife or shears and immediately place the stems in the hot water. After the water is cool enough, the stems can be transferred to a vase of water. Every few days, it's a good idea to recut the stems and only repeat the boiling water step if the blooms begin to droop again.

Vegetable and flower pots: If you haven't already begin to plant your flower and vegetable containers, now is the time. It's also a great time to plant annuals in the garden for season-long color.

Evergreen shrubs and trees: Pruning time is here for your evergreens shrubs to maintain a desired size. Pay special attention to your arborvitae and juniper, as once they get too big, you will not get regrowth on the branches if you try to cut them back.
Haute Entertaining
When creating your own floral arrangement at home, there are many options for filling up the vase. You can cut and arrange the stems nicely, fill it with faux leave ribbon , cut up lemon slices...or one of our new favorites - grapes! Haute House Studio team member Sonia tested this out and we love her creation (pictured here). Her advice was to pick out the best grapes in the bunch, and then every few days change the water and the grapes to keep it fresh. Enjoy!
Haute House Flower of the Month
We have many favorite flowers at Haute House Studio, so we decided to feature one each month. For June, our "Flower of the Month" is the Pink Floyd rose. It is a gorgeous hot pink and it opens up to a full, massive open rose that is the size of a peony. It holds up wonderfully in bouquets and arrangements and smells oh so good.
Haute House Studio Around Town
We were the floral sponsor for Art 4 Shelter, one of our favorite spring events that sells art to raise money for Simpson Housing Services
HHS co-owners Bridget Connell & Marsha Hunt were part of a summertime entertaining panel at The Lynhall as part of Mpls-St. Paul Magazine's Home & Design Week
For Memorial Day we donated several arrangements to those who have served and currently serve our country. It was such an honor.
Haute Wedding Photo of the Month
Emma and Sam

Florist : Haute House Studio

Photographer: Bellagala

Ceremony & Reception: Green Acres Event Center