Haute House Studio March Happenings
The March word-of-the-month for the Haute House Studio team is CONSISTENCY . We truly believe that if you keep certain areas of your life consistent, it allows you the creative freedom to take risks and leap into unknown areas of your life. The areas that remain consistent will result in a sense of happiness and accomplishment leaving you the freedom to explore. According to John Maxwell , CONSISTENCY is one of the most powerful and important habits. His take is that consistency means you give a little bit of time to each area that's important in your life (friends, spouse, playing with kids, saving money, exercising, etc.) and start small. Maybe ten minutes of playing presently with your kids, $25/week in savings, 20 minutes of exercise, etc. He says, "You learn to increase the time you give each area. You become more aware of how you’re wasting time. You get sharper, smarter, and more focused as a result." We all aim to be better, to become more efficient and, we think, if you start making CONSISTENCY a habit in your daily life, the best will come.
Haute House Classes
Haute House Classes
  • Floral Design & Yoga - 3/7
  • Spring Bulb Bloom Garden - 4/11
  • DIY Candle Making - 4/25
  • Custom Herb Garden - 5/16

Haute House Combo (parent/child)
  • Mother's Day Succulent Plant Gift - 5/5

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Haute House Kids
Haute House Kids
  • Create Your Own Bath Bombs - 3/31
  • Plantable flower cards - 4/9
  • Eggs and Egg Carton fun! - 4/15
  • May Day Cone Floral Baskets - 4/29

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Haute Idea
March is the month of green, luck and the Irish. To celebrate all of these things, here is a fun, seasonal craft project you can do with your kids, family or friends. Plus, it brings a little pop of color to your home when you are all done. Click here for step-by-step instructions including where to pick up all of the items you need.
Haute Entertaining
To celebrate March, our team created a photo-worthy “green” lunch inspired by the color and one of our favorite herbs - mint. Mint is such a lovely plant - the color, shape and of course the smell. Click her e to to see all of the pictures and get all of the recipes and items. Bon Appetit!
Haute House Studio Around Town
One thing we try to do CONSISTENTLY is meet potential brides and clients at various events, shows and markets around the Twin Cities. This past February we attended the Forever Bride Market at Radisson Blue Mall of America. It was such a fun Sunday afternoon full of celebration and all things weddings. Our "booth" created hundreds of floral crowns for brides, and their friends and family. Each person picked a few blooms and our team went to work to create a custom crown. Here are a few of our favorites!
Love this idea? We host creative classes and this is such a fun class to host for your bridal party or as part of a bridal shower at our new studio! Contact us for private class information at hello@hautehousestudio.com.
Haute Wedding Photo of the Month
The most astonishing wedding celebration of Brendan and Ploy. Married in 2018 in Thailand, this Minneapolis reception was a wonderful celebration with family & friends.

Florist & Coordinator : Haute House Studio

Photographer: MRD Photography

Reception: Aria

Hair: Natalie Lovejoy & Make-up: Samantha Hold

Videographer: Tinker Yan

Rentals: Linen Effects and Apres