If you only hear one side of the story, you have no understanding at all.

- Chinua Achebe

Have I got a story for you!
Our mind tells us stories round the clock. Much of the time we listen, because thoughts feel like truth, like reality. They create alternate storylines to serve our multitudinous needs, and they take up LOTS of space in our minds. 
I know my mind is incredibly shifty and sly. It runs non-stop, and usually likes to jump around, interrupt, and convince me I'm either the BEST or the WORST. 
From yoga and meditation I've learned that I'm neither, I just...AM. 
The second yama is satya. Sat refers to the eternal unchanging truth beyond all knowing, and ya means "do it." Satya is an active process of aligning with truth and avoiding untruth. Internally, this means we have to take effort to stop the stories, the voices, the inner dialogue that is not based on actuality. 
If we've been working on ahimsa, the first yama, satya is a little easier. We're already taking harm into consideration. We can notice how harmful the stories can be to our selves, and those around us. And when we are firmly established in satya, in truth, the Yoga Sutras say that our words become so potent that whatever we say comes to realization (Sutra II.36).
This month, consider how you can actively bring satya into your practice and your life. What's a story is your mind telling you? Is it true?

Look out for the upcoming Mid-Month Mindfulness Newsletter! Ashley will share a practice that supports Right/Wise Speech & the eightfold path

Happy Fall! 
Anne Phyfe

Anne Phyfe Palmer
8 Limbs Owner and Teacher Training Director

P.S. Last chance to join the 8 Limbs 200-hour Modular Teacher Training 2019/2020! We begin October 11 and meet on 1-2 weekends per month through April 15, 2020. Contact me at annephyfe@8limbsyoga.com to learn more, 3 spots left. 
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"Adya taps into the enchantment of yoga that originally got me hooked on the practice. At the same time she emanates groundedness which has really helped me with the roots - the experience of finding my center and holding or returning to that center when life tries to throw me off." 
- Adi, 8 Limbs Teacher

Embodying Grace
This workshop invites us to come home, to FEEL, honor and receive the gifts of being. This is a call to anchor within the vessel of the body with clear intention, reverence and personal ceremony. Infuse the body with awareness and breath, clear stagnant energy, and create space within.
All levels welcome.  Space Limited to 14. 
Saturday 10/5 at Capitol Hill, 12:30pm

Heartful, The Essence of Anahata
In this workshop we will explore the power of breath and heart opening asana to activate and deepen the experience of the Anahata heart chakra. With intention, curiosity, and softening into presence we unfold the gifts of the heart, witnessing a natural flowering of the heart-space. 
All levels welcome.
Sunday 10/6 at Capitol Hill, 12:30pm

Learn comfort, concentration, breath and mindfulness techniques that make meditation practical and accessible to all. Students will complete the series with a solid foundation in meditation and techniques they can continue to use on their own.
Mondays starting 10/14 at Wedgwood with Misha
Thursdays starting 10/17 at West Seattle with Alex
Thursdays starting 11/6 at Phinney with Karen
Build your foundation! Our most senior and experienced instructors to provide a solid introduction to a lifelong practice.
Tuesdays starting 10/22 at Capitol Hill with Claudette
Thursdays starting 10/24 at Phinney with Nancy B
Tuesdays starting 10/22 at Wedgwood with Misha
Mondays starting 10/21 at West Seattle with Alex
Yoga can be an important sanctuary for tweens and teens, a place to develop self-confidence as well as focus while having fun! This series will engage youth aged 10-14 through asana, meditation, and breath practices.
Wednesdays starting 11/20 at Phinney with Rebecca Y.
Sundays starting 10/13 at Wedgwood with Jen O.
Yoga helps kids get in touch with their bodies, strengthen and relax their muscles, and develop coordination, focus, and confidence. Ages 5-10.
Mondays starting 10/7 at Phinney with Maritza
Wednesdays starting 10/9 at West Seattle with Elena

"Many are wondering how to respond to increasingly oppressive policies, political divisions and the current cultural upheaval. While we have questions about how to respond, I believe that we must respond with steadfastness and courageous hearts to the urgent concerns of this time." - Michelle Johnson

Dismantling Racism
Michelle Johnson, anti-racism trainer, yogi, and activist will lead us through a Dismantling Racism workshop focused on understanding systems of power, privilege, and oppression. If you are experiencing overwhelm, confusion, or despair about the current cultural context and you want to better understand how race was constructed and the impact of white supremacy on us all, join Michelle for this workshop.
For Yogis, Activists, Change Makers, Healers, Helpers
Friday 12/13 at 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

Skill in Action 
Explore patterns of oppression, power and privilege and respond to the current cultural challenges through practices of self-study, contemplation and collective action. In this workshop, we will deepen our understanding of the principles of justice and yoga: the workings of power and privilege, oppression and identity, suffering and liberation, and loving kindness.
All are welcome.
Sunday 12/15 at 8 Limbs Capitol Hill

with Gary Kraftsow

Discover of the "knots of the heart-mind" in relation to the bondage of desire, action, and ignorance as they manifest through the cakras and influence our feelings, thoughts and behavior. We will use the cakra model to explore these knots that form the framework of our personality and bind us in this life. Untying the knots leads to the psycho-energetics of transformation.

January 31 - February 2, 2020 at the Summit
Work-study Opportunities

Trade work for yoga classes! 8 Limbs West Seattle is looking for a cleaner and a blanket cleaner. Interested? Email westseattle@8limbsyoga.com with your availability.
8 Limbs Phinney Ridge is looking for a new work-study person to help with laundry needs.
Phinney is looking to hire a new work study person to help with our laundry needs. Days and times are flexible. Please email phinneyridge@8limbsyoga.com for more info.
8 Limbs Capitol Hill is looking to fill the following work-study position:
Front Desk - early AM shift from 6:00am-6:45am on Mondays
Ideal candidates have customer service and administrative experience. In exchange for your time, you receive free yoga classes (one for each hour worked), and a discount in our lovely boutique! Please email capitolhill@8limbsyoga.com for more details and inquiries.
Ready, Set Sankalpa!
Internalize inspired intentions with Tracy and Terilyn. 
Learn more at  8limbsyoga.com .
Registration is open!
March 14-21, 2020 in Nayarit, Mexico
with MJ Daniels and Leisha Davis