The Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog upright vacuum is the best on the market for pet owners and allergy sufferers! Find out why below.
Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog
The  Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog  is consistently rated one of the BEST vacuums you can buy. It is  terrific choice for allergy sufferers . It captures  99.9 percent of dirt, dust, and allergens.  These small particles will not leak back into your home as they do with most vacuum cleaners. The air clean filter also has active charcoal layers to neutralize and absorb unwanted pet odors.
With a smartly styled, thin body you'll easily be able to access underneath furniture and the SwivelNeck™ sweeper feature glides easily along borders as they curve so you don't miss a spec.
The Cat & Dog model has a unique electro-brush that follows the contours of your floor for  consistent  vacuuming on all flooring types. The controls are on the handle so you can easily switch from carpet to floors. An extra-long hose helps your reach as you employ the attachments conveniently stored on the back of the vacuum body. 
The Cat & Dog features a high speed mini turbo brush that easily removes pet hair from furniture, stairs and fine furnishings. Other conveniences include an LED headlight and variable speed control. Perhaps it's best feature is the industry leading 7 year warranty.

For outstanding pet performance and allergen elimination the Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog is a great choice! Take advantage of your current Bank's Oreck Insider coupon today with the Miele Dynamic U1 Cat & Dog upright. Print your coupon now and we will see you soon in either our Henderson or Las Vegas store.