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Our panels, siding and other products are easy to work with, even for those with little-to-no DIY experience.

But naturally, questions do arise -- and we are ready to answer them! Below are just a few things customers ask about most often -- and then click here to see the full list of FAQ's.

Need more help? Call us at 1-800-651-4223 or
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Can the panels be painted?

Home exterior with Regency Stacked Stone
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Regency Stacked Stone   (repainted by owner)
Our polyurethane panels are available in a wide array of attractive color options, so in most cases, painting the panels isn't necessary.

However, if only a custom color will do, our panels can be painted. We recommend using a high-quality water-based latex paint.

If the panels will be installed outside, make sure to use a water-based latex paint designated for exteriors. 

Can I install them in my shower?
Yes, our panels are completely waterproof and durable for use in showers or around bathtubs. 

To clean, please use only a mild detergent and make sure not to use any harsh or bleach-based cleaners. The panels can be sealed in with a polyurethane sealer for easier cleaning if needed. 

How do I install panels around corners?
There are two methods to install panels around corners. You can miter the panels yourself, which involves cutting the panel edges at a 45 degree angle to fit together seamlessly. Read our guide on how to miter a corner here.

The second method is ordering one of our pre-made inside and/or outside corners.
Click here to see all available styles.

Regency River Rock Corner
Home exterior with Regency River Rock
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How many panels do I need for my project?
That's easy to find out! Just click here for our panel calculator, select the panel style and enter the dimensions or the square footage of the area you are covering.

If you're still not sure, give us a call at 
1-800-651-4223 or email info@fauxpanels.com.
Panel calculator
Do you have a store or showroom I can visit?
Media center with Norwich Stacked Stone
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Regency samples
Norwich samples
Carlton samples

To keep costs down to you, we can only be found online and everything we sell is factory direct. 

To get a preview of our panels, we recommend ordering samples. All of our samples are free with rebate. You will receive a coupon with your shipment of samples that you may use towards your next purchase.

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5 Things to Look For When Buying Faux Panels
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Everyone thinks I'm a mason. I was looking for stacked stone ideas then I stumbled onto FauxPanels.com. What a great product -- looks like the real deal and without the trouble of mixing mortar, making dust and a mess. DIYers don't have a lot of time, but we want things to look nice when we're done. That's why I chose faux panels. They saved me time and money and they look great.
-- Paul Burdick

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