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29 Days Remaining | There's Still Time to Donate
We had a year filled with financial blessings - but we still need your help! Even though our ministry survives on a "shoestring budget," the expenses in running a growing outreach are significant.  We are $18,000 short in meeting our budget. Our goal is to finish the year having this need met. We also want you to know that 10% of all funds raised will go directly to our work in Liberia.  We would deeply appreciate any assistance you could provide!
IOM America is a tax-deductible 501c(3) nonprofit with the goal of helping members of the body of Christ to experience, mature in, and communicate effectively the message of identification with Christ in His death, burial, resurrection, and ascension in their various spheres of influence.
Please remember to pray for our orphanage/academy in Liberia.  Our ministry is blessed with caring for the welfare of well over 300 children.  We not only provide food and  clothing, but a full academic program that focuses on the basics of education, as well as training each youth in their identity in Christ.  We would be honored if you would join us in supporting the IOM Hope Orphanage and Academy!

Thank you!
We really can't say it enough - so we'll say it again here. Thank you. We have one of the leading Christ as Life (Exchanged Life) global networks on the internet today, and it's because of Christ Jesus using you to accomplish this mission.  Bless you!

What is the extent of IOM's ministry?
Now that is a loaded question! The best way to answer this question is to visit the IOM website. Quickly, we can tell you that we are one of the only global ministries that provide quality Exchanged Life media and materials to a hurting world. Learn More

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