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Barfoot Park!

May 16, 2020 
Barfoot Park by Steve Wolfe:  Barfoot Park is high up, near Rustler Park and is a mountain meadow surrounded with tall pine trees. It's a really special place, and, thank goodness, was one of the areas up along the ridgeline that was spared being burned by the Horseshoe 2 Fire which devastated nearly 349 square miles back in 2011.

   You can see the differences at                    Regrowth after fire of 2011
   Barfoot Park in a few weeks, as the
   below was taken in early May and the 
   above was taken a few days ago.

[Above and below by Peg Abbott]
Taken early May


            Mountain Chickadee                                                        Pygmy Nuthatch
Pictures by Steve Wolfe
                            Greater Pewee                                                  Olive Warbler

Centella Ridge Hike, May 7, 2020
       by Rolf Koford

Seven hikers and a dog caravanned to Rustler Park with the goal of hiking out the Centella Ridge and enjoying the magnificent view of the Cave Creek watershed, seen above in a panoramic shot.  

We hiked along the road about a mile and a half to Long Park, where we took the Long Park Trail to Fly Saddle and the Centella Trail. We encountered a dozen or so trees across the trail but were able to navigate around them. Tub Spring had flowing water.  Most hikers went all the way to Centella Point (below) before returning to our lunch spot overlook. Silver Peak, Portal Peak
and distant mountain ranges were all laid out before us.

Lupines were the stars of  the wildflower show but we saw hints that the irises will soon be joining in.   Returning to Rustler Park, the group detoured around a couple  more downed trees before enjoying the newly renovated trail  overlooking Rustler Park. Hikers who had circumnavigated Fly  Peak had hiked about nine and a half miles.

Photos from around Portal

Blue Grosbeak by Steve Wolfe

                Bobcat by Fred Espenak                       Western Screech-owl by Sara Stumbo

Young ground squirrel by Barbara Ellis-Quinn      Burrowing Owl by Steve Wolfe [taken                                                                                                                                     south of Portal]

Great Horned Owl nestling by Debb Johnson

Visitor Information Center Is Still Closed 
In Response to COVID-19 
It may partly reopen in early June

Forest Service established campgrounds were closed on 3/23/20.  
Herb Martyr and Rustler Park Campgrounds are now open.  Sunny Flat, Idlewilde and Stewart Campgrounds remain closed through June.

Dispersed camping is allowed.
The forest remains open.
Call (520) 558-2221 or (520) 388-8436 for Information

Super Moon at Dawn by Steve Wolfe
            Cholla with nest by Fuji Daussin                            Iris by Peg Abbott  

Taken by Marc Smelser

Reed Peters, President, FOCCC

I wanted to let you know that the Friends of Cave Creek Canyon has been working with the Forest Service for the past 18 months on a plan to replace the picnic area that was removed after the flood of 2014. We were told in 2018 that if we ever wanted a picnic area, restrooms, benches and other trails in South Fork again, we would need to pay for it, as the Forest Service did not have funds for it. 

Based on hydrology surveys, there is not enough room at the end of the road for a new picnic area with bathroom, so some or all of those amenities may be further down the road, probably about a quarter mile from the paved road. We're also recommending there will be benches along the South Fork Road, a handicapped accessible trail along the creek, as well as some more informative signage about the uniqueness of the canyon. There has been much comment and  many different views expressed over the past year, with a lively public meeting in March. The ultimate decision on what, if anything, may happen belongs to the Forest Service and US Fish and Wildlife. We should hear late this year. 

The total project estimates are in the $130,000 range, but final costs may be higher or lower. The bathroom estimates alone are in the $80,000 to $90,000 range.                               
[By Kristian McIntyre]

Friends of Cave  Creek Canyon can currently cover about $70,000 of the $130,000, so we're hope to raise about $60,000, if these estimates are accurate.

We are not asking for any additional money for this project now, as it has not been approved.   What we would like are pledges that we could count on, should the project be approved.

Please consider a pledge to this worthy project!

Should you wish to talk directly to me about the project, I'm at 520-558-2334, and would be very happy to provide more detail. Email is info@cavecreekranch.com .

Thank you for considering this project.

Photos by Bob Rodrigues

Bob is a member of FOCCC and also has an excellent bird watching property on Foothills Rd,  adjacent  to the creek crossing.  This site is open to birders.  Check it out!

                            Spotted Owl                                                   Northern Pygmy-Owl

                      Red-faced Warbler                                               Painted Redstart
                     Crissal Thrasher                                              Texas  Horned Lizard    

Taken from Silver Peak area by Marc Smelser

FOCCC 2020 Officers and Board

Reed Peters         President                            Other Board Members  
Sheri Ashley        Vice President                          Bob Ashley        
Mike Williams      Vice President 
                       Alan Craig        
Rick Beno 
  Rene Donaldson
Pat Parran            Secretary
Kim Vacariu
Cecil Williams 




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