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from REDROCK FINANCIAL | October 2018
Estate Planning
     Don't make these mistakes.

Many people think that the "rich and famous" have it ALL. They  have access to the best social gatherings, the most magnificent homes and the brightest professional advisers in the world. Yet, as we've seen over the years, they're human. They don't listen to rational advice and often make poor financial choices. The ultimate bad choice is ignoring your estate plan. Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, is just another example of someone who embraced personal fortune and fame; yet neglected (in her later years) to consider how her wealth could impact others following her death.  Aretha Franklin died without a will! 
Estate planning doesn't need to complicated, it just needs to be clear. Take a look below and make sure you have all your documents and accounts in order.

Lessons Learned
Slow Down Your Vacations
This may be a little too slow!
Vacation can be hard work, why not slow it down?
Travel is the first thing on the mind of recent retirees. And why not? You've spent years working.  Why not get out and see the world now that vacation time is not a problem. 

While travel may be good for the soul, it can also be exhausting. We've all come back from a vacation and thought how nice it would be to have a few more days to recover from our time away. But what if you could slow down the whole trip and take in life like a local? Slow travel is the new trend for both older and younger travelers. And if you find yourself in the older category, slow travel, especially overseas, can make for a truly remarkable experience.
Economic Updates

It's About Time, Not Timing
You don't need perfect timing to get marvelous returns.

The stock market's ups and down can make even the most seasoned 
investors nervous at times. It's human nature to want to do well and protect against financial loss. So, it's no surprise when the markets begin to fluctuate that we get a call or two from people who want to test a timing strategy. Market timing is something we highly frown upon!!  

A rare few have found success timing the market and our experience tells us that time itself is your biggest ally when investing. The link below highlights three hypothetical investors who invest $10,000 a year from 1977-2018 and do their best to time the market. You might be surprised to see who comes out on top!
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