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Winner of APEX Awards for Publication Excellence in 2016, 2017, 2018, & 2019
September 14th, 2019

Dear Neighbors,
We hope you will join us tomorrow for the 6th annual Evening in the Garden. Each of LCA's annual events has a special purpose. But, perhaps, none has more meaning to us than Evening in the Garden . You see, on an going basis, LCA has the privilege of playing important roles in our neighborhood and accept the responsibility that comes along with that. For example:

LCA beautifies the neighborhood from the parks we maintain to the art we sponsor. We preserve and restore our neighborhood from historic bricks & ivy alongside Ogden Mall to helping underwrite efforts to landmark the Willow & Halsted intersection.

Our organization contributes to the neighborhood with donations to the tennis court and security camera in Oz Park to raising funds for the tables with attached seating in Bauler Park. We connect the neighborhood from our award-winning newsletter to our well-loved events and holiday tree lighting ceremony.

LCA represents the neighborhood from routine zoning-matters to taking tough positions on issues of concern to the neighborhood. We inspire the neighborhood providing a canvas for children to engage with gardens and learn the value of contribution.

E vening in the Garden is a time when LCA reflects on the opportunity we've been given throughout the year to play a role in our community. We celebrate our neighborhood, our volunteers and those others who support our efforts.

Just as importantly, we welcome the opportunity to share this evening with those not currently involved with us. Your LCA membership status doesn't matter; where you reside isn''t important. Come as our guest and let us introduce you to the magic of Lincoln Central.

From the Heart,
Kenneth Dotson
President, Lincoln Central Association

P. S. Do not hesitate to contact me at any time at  or 773.531.5515 if you would like to learn more about LCA or have neighborhood concerns.
If you are receiving this version of the LCA newsletter, our records indicate that you have either not joined LCA or have allowed your membership to lapse at some point (or we have not yet received your recent renewal payment). If you believe our membership records are incorrect, please contact .

Sunday, September 15th | 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM | Fire Station Park
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Finds A Home in Fire Station Park
By Kathy Jordan
A visitor no more! 

Traveler (pictured), a sculpture that quickly captured the hearts of many in our neighborhood, has found a permanent home in Fire Station Park.

Traveler first came to visit Fire Station Park as part of the rotating sculpture program from the Chicago Sculpture Exhibit founded in 2001 by then 43rd Ward Alderman Vi Daley. First called the Lincoln Park Community Art Initiative, the program was designed to beautify the Lincoln Park neighborhood in a new way. The sculpture exhibit soon expanded to additional Chicago neighborhoods and in 2011 was renamed the Chicago Sculpture Exhibit (CSE).

As a consensus began to emerge that Traveler was ideally suited to Fire Station Park, in contrast to other sculptures that had rotated through in previous years, LCA's Board began to discuss the feasibility of acquiring the sculpture. After the Board voted to proceed with trying to acquire the sculpture, Donna Gallery, Chair of LCA's Arts & Culture Committee took the lead in structuring an arrangement giving LCA the right to purchase Traveler from the sculptor, through CSE and with the approval of the Chicago Department of Transportation which own the park.

" The Chicago Sculpture Exhibit is so proud that Traveler created by Boyan Marinov, has a permanent home in Fire Station Park, a place that is peaceful, welcoming and so fitting for such a creative work of art, " said Vi Daley, adding " Traveler further proves that art can speak to us. You can almost hear the sculpture saying the words 'Come on in and be part of our world.' We're grateful to Lincoln Central for making this happen."

In announcing Traveler's permanent home Gallery said “We’re pleased that this charming work of a playful child dancing delightedly on top of the world will be a permanent part of the Fire Station Park landscape.” Gallery added "After a three year visit, Traveler wanted to stay with us and that's we wanted too!"

According to Gallery, all of the the funds necessary to purchase Traveler will be raised in the community. "LCA will be reaching out to the neighborhood in the near future with specific opportunities for sponsorship of Traveler and donations directed to the purchase."

LCA President Kenneth Dotson hopes Traveler comes to symbolize the warmth with which LCA welcomes neighbors into its organization and gatherings. "People in the neighborhood frequently mention to me that seeing Traveler reminds them of the welcoming embrace they felt when they first became involved with LCA," said Dotson.
Marinov (pictured) says he named the sculpture Traveler because “travel is very important in life. It gives the opportunity to experience many things. One of my two daughters was the model for the figure of the Traveler, and when I was working on the piece, my goal was to introduce the world to her. Traveling and seeing the world, understanding people—this is what I want for my daughters."
Marinov was born in the picturesque Bulgarian town of Veliko Tarnovo (pictured). Often referred to as the City of the Tsars, Veliko Tarnovo was the historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire. Today, the city is known for exquisite architecture, museums & galleries and a plethora of historical sites.
Marinov served in the Bulgarian Army and attended the Bulgarian Film School where he studied to become a cinematographer. He moved to the U.S. in 1999 to pursue his passion for woodworking. His custom furniture woodworking shop, BoStructure, is the result. But he works with both wood and metal, seeing in the wood a warmth, and in the metal, a cold beauty.

Marinov is currently working on two projects for the state of Illinois, one for Northern Illinois University in Dekalb and one for the city of Rockport. He has two sculptures in Skokie, and one in the Bridgeport Art Center.  
Describing the birth of Traveler, Marinov (pictured in his studio) said, “I started with clay. My template for the globe was a big pot that was used for curing milk. I did the figure in clay, as well, then cast the pieces, then welded the individual metal pieces together,” he said, noting that Traveler took six months to complete.

Happy that the sculpture will have a permanent home at the Fire Station Park, Marinov said “I love the neighborhood. I have memories of the little park years ago, when unloading produce for the Farmers Market at Halsted and Armitage was one of my jobs. I’m very pleased that now one of my pieces is a part of the park.”

Pictured above are a group of Summer Sipper attendees who decided to join Traveler in a friendly wave to the neighborhood.
Survey Shows Overwhelming Opposition
LCA's Board of Directors voted by a wide margin on September 4th to oppose the proposed Dickens Neighborhood Greenway bike path (the bike path) and issued a letter of strong opposition.

The results of an LCA survey reflect overwhelming opposition to the proposed bike path among LCA’s membership and among other residents in the immediate area who provided feedback via the survey or otherwise.

According to the survey 62.3% of LCA members oppose the bike path as currently proposed while only 24.7% support with 13% undecided. (The margin of error for the member sample was ±9% at the 95% confidence level.)

Among the overall sample which includes both LCA members and others in the immediate neighborhood who are on LCA's mailing list, 61.1% oppose the bike path as currently proposed, while only 28.4% support with 10.4% undecided. The margin of error for the overall sample was ±7% at the 95% confidence level.)

Respondents to who were opposed to the bike path as currently proposed were surveyed to determine their level of support if the proposed path did not run through Oz Park. 48% of respondents said they would still oppose while only 21 would support with 31% undecided. (The margin of error for this survey question was ±9% at the 95% confidence level.)

The survey was published on Friday, August 23, the day following the second of two public meetings on the bike path hosted by 43rd Ward Alderman Michele Smith and representatives of the Chicago Department of Transportation. The survey ran until Friday, August.

In order to obtain a true read of neighborhood sentiment and maintain survey integrity, no public link was published. It was not possible to make the survey from a forwarded email or from the same computer twice.

Saturday, September 21st | 10 am - 12:30 p.m
Lincoln Central Park | 2100 N. Lincoln Ave.
Lincoln Central Association and 43rd Ward Alderman Michele's office will be hosting a Lincoln Central Ward Walk next Saturday, September 21st from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM to survey the Lincoln Central section of the ward to identify signs, trees, streets, alleys and sidewalks that may need repair and check for graffiti or sanitation code violations. The Alderman's office has divided the LCA Ward Walk into five sectors and has created this map to identify the sectors. Teams will be assigned to each sector.

If you are interested in maintaining your neighborhood in the best possible condition, we encourage you to walk with us and participate in this important activity. To participate, sign up for the LCA Ward Walk or RSVP to the Alderman's office at

In order to efficiently expedite service requests, lease download the  CHI 311 App  prior to the walk.Download the new CHI 311 App from the Apple or Google Play Store.
Tomorrow Evening | 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM | Fire Station Park
Please join us tomorrow evening, September 15th, as we bring the neighborhood together for yet another magical evening in  award-winning   Fire Station Park & Gardens.  Evening in the Garden,   one of LCA's most popular events,   is   a reception style gathering to celebrate our neighborhood, salute our volunteers and introduce the magic of Lincoln Central to more in our area.

Evening in the Garden  will be held from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (but, we'll stay as long as you're having a good time). The public is invited to attend regardless of your neighborhood or LCA affiliation.

Returning to  Evening in the Garden will be prominent magician, the amazing  Benjamin Barnes who will stroll through the crowd performing mingle-magic.
Don't Miss Benjamin Barnes
Mingle-magic, also knows as "close-up magic on the move" is performed for small groups for approximately 5-7 minutes at a time creating a personalized, magical experience. Your eyes won't believe Benjamin's mind-bending illusions.

Don't miss your opportunity to see Benjamin Barnes live tomorrow evening.
This year's event will feature complimentary wine from our friends at popular neighborhood spot J9 Wine Bar (1961 N. Halsted Street). Like previous LCA events, J9's General Manager, Morgan Gabrielson, will provide educational tasting tips to event attendees with wit and charm. You never quite know what Morgan might say next, so be prepared!
Attendees will be able to enjoy a wide range of hors d'oeuvres from the gourmet deli at our neighbors, Carnival Grocery (458 W. Dickens Avenue). Much like LCA, there is something for everyone at the Carnival deli.  Evening in the Garden  will be the perfect opportunity to find out what they might have for you.
And, due to the popularity of the neighborhood potluck table at our  Summer Sipper  event over the years,  Evening in the Garden  now also features a potluck table. It is not necessary to bring a dish to attend or to enjoy the offerings prepared by others.
Today, Saturday, September 21st | 12:00m - 4:00 PM | 458 W. Dickens Avenue
LCA will be at the Carnival Grocery block party this afternoon, September 14th, from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Even with
this short notice, we hope you will stop by the block party to enjoy a free bounce house, free street food and free carnival games, all courtesy of your neighbors at Carnival Grocery (458 W. Dickens Avenue).

While you're there, be sure and stop by LCA's tent to say hello and learn more about how our organization helps enhance the quality of life in our community and how you can participate in our initiatives.
Lincoln Common Celebrates Opening
Lincoln Common celebrated its official opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 5th in the development's central plaza.
Pictured left to right cutting the ribbon are the ceremony's speakers: Dan McCaffery, CEO of McCaffery Interests; David Bach, Managing Director of Hines; Michele Smith, 43rd Ward Alderman; Kenneth Dotson, President of Lincoln Central Association and Patrick Magoon, CEO of Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.
Congratulations Josh Moulton
Congratulations to LCA member Josh Moulton (pictured here with Lincoln Common co-developer Dan McCaffery and wife Iris) whose painting of the new Lincoln Common development was unveiled at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The painting and other Moulton work was commissioned by Lincoln Common's development team after reading a profile of him in the October 2016 issue of the LCA newsletter.

LCA members receive a 25% discount on art at Josh Moulton Fine Art Gallery.

Josh will be hosting a wine reception on September 25 in his studio for all LCA members who have joined in 2019 as well as all Annual Benefactor members and Lifetime members. Be on the lookout for more details.
The Heart in Bloom
Butterflies in the Heart
Feel free to stop by the garden anytime with your clippers to harvest some of the following herbs:
Pictured here in in the herb garden at Fire Station Park are Sally Drucker, Chair of LCA Parks Committee, and Silvana Saro, proprietor of Cedar Palace restaurant, harvesting herbs for use in a variety of dishes at Cedar Palace.

Other produce grown in the gardens includes:
Thank you to local Girl Scout Troop 20229 from Abraham Lincoln Elementary School who installed a butterfly garden at Lincoln Central Park in an effort to earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award.

The garden will help sustain the butterfly population in the park, as well as add beauty and serenity for all visitors.

We have been experiencing an unacceptable level of vandalism and other unacceptable behavior at Fire Station Park over the last year. We take this matter seriously.

We recently met with neighbors near the park to hear their concerns and seek their input. We are installing a new camera and exploring options for better lighting as well as removing a large bush that helps hide vandals from view.

Please help us protect this park by calling 911 if you witness vandalism or any other illegal activity occurring in the park. Some have expressed reluctance to call 911 on "kids." Please keep in mind, however, that damage caused by these "kids" creates extra work for our volunteers and additional expense for our small not-for-profit.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns. Individuals wishing to help protect this Park by contributing to the security system may send a directed donation using this form .
First Bauler Park All-age Olympics A Hit
By Anne Moore, Co-Chair Bauler Park Advisory Council
There was a big turnout for the first-annual Bauler Park All-Age Olympics, held the afternoon of Saturday, September 7th. More than 120 athletes — toddlers to adults — participated in obstacle courses, mini marathons, a three legged race, limbo, tug of war, and a water balloon toss. Neighbors helped with same-day registration, events, scoring, and keeping water cisterns filled.
The Bauler Park Advisory Council (BPAC) was received a Connecting Communities Award by the Chicago Parks Foundation earlier this year to host the event. Bauler Park was one of three parks in the city and the only North Side to achieve this distinction. The  Connecting Communities Award   is designed to spread positive, productive park energy and foster a lasting community presence within Chicago parks and includes a $500 grant to support a community event, program, or project within Bauler Park.

Article continued at the bottom of the newsletter
Brings Total Number of APEX Awards Since 2016 to Twelve
Lincoln Central Association was recently honored with a Grand Award and three Awards of Excellence in the 31st annual APEX Awards for Publication Excellence. ( See media announcement.) 2019 awards were presented for work created in 2018 and, in some instances, prior years. The four 2019 APEX Awards brings LCA's total number of APEX awards since 2016 to twelve, including eight for the LCA newsletter.
Now in their 31st year, the APEX Awards are an international communications competition for publishers, editors, writers and designers who create print, web, electronic and social media.
LCA instituted a Lifetime membership plan in 2015. Our current Lifetime members are listed below:
Karen Anderson & Alex Hlavacek
Nora Atassi
Warren Baker
Donna J. Gallery & Ken Bauer*
George & Ellen Benson
Morgan and Anne Carroll
Kenneth and Kelly Dotson
Sally Drucker
David & Stephanie Free
Richard & Andrea Ginsburg*
Patty O'Neill Harris
Adam & Carey Hecktman
Kathleen Jordan
John & Kelly Ketchum
Jen Kramer
Nancy Lea Morris & Kurt Nakaoka*
Michi Pena
Brian & Jessica Price
Jerry & Pam Quandt
Jeff & Ausra Robison*
Kyle & Anne Rockey
Gustav & Diane Rydbeck*
Harry & Susan Seigle
Jeff & Maggie Shapak
Thomas Souleles*
Conrad & Elizabeth von Petterfy
Dan & Donna Weaver
Tom & Deborah Werner
*Joined or renewed as Lifetime member in 2019.
Overcomes Stormy Weather
Stormy weather led to a week's postponement of LCA's 5th Annual Summer Sipper as well as a delayed start on the rescheduled date.

But, when the skies finally cleared on Sunday, June 30th, Fire Station Park sprang to life as neighbors rolled in excited for the festivities to finally begin.

Summer Sipper brings the neighborhood together each year for an afternoon of refreshing drinks, delicious hors' d'oeuvres, and engaging conversation.
This year, neighborhood favorites Geja's Cafe, J9 Wine Bar and Cedar Palace were on hand to serve our guests offerings from their menus.

Attendees were also able to enjoy the potluck table featuring dishes prepared by LCA members and other neighbors many using one or more ingredients grown in the park's gardens.

Magicians are a tradition at LCA events and this year attendees were entertained by prominent Chicago magician Sean Masterson who had also performed weeks earlier at LCA's 6th annual Spring Zing.
Saturday September 14th & Sunday September 15th
11:00 AM — 5:00 PM
Come shop historic Armitage Avenue and Halsted for unique finds and specialty items. Follow the balloons to participating shops and businesses on Armitage Ave. between Racine and Halsted to enjoy shop specials, tastings, refreshments and raffles. Experience shopping and restaurants in Chicago's premiere Lincoln Park neighborhood
Light Projection Art to Be Unveiled
September 17th | 7:00 - 8:00 PM
A Lincoln Avenue Wine Stroll
September 26th, 2019 | 6:00 - 9:00 PM
The public is invited to join the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce and Alderman Smith's office on Tuesday, September 17 from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. to celebrate the launch of  Prehistory, a video light projection created by artist Annette Elliot.

Prehistory, part of the 50×50 Neighborhood Arts Project, will be projected on the north facing wall of the boiler house and laundry building at Lincoln Common.

The celebration will be held at the southwest corner of Lincoln and Halsted. Opening remarks will begin at 7:15 PM by followed the lighting of the projection at 7:30 PM. Mingle with neighbors and enjoy a complimentary treat from Mon Ami Gabi’s signature ice cream cart. 

Read more about Prehistory.
Treat yourself to some of the season’s best red and white wines paired with delicious bites from a selection of Lincoln Park’s favorite restaurants at Lincoln Park Uncorked brought to you by our friends at the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce. Gather your friends and catch a pedicab to explore Lincoln Avenue businesses between Diversey and Fullerton as they transform into pop-up tasting rooms with curated selections from Vin Chicago. Lincoln Park Uncorked is one of Chicago’s premier neighborhood wine tasting events.
Tickets for Lincoln Park Uncorked: A Lincoln Avenue Wine Stroll are on sale now. Listed below are ticket prices:

$30 Early Bird Tickets through August 25
$34 Groups of 5 or more
$40 in advance before September 22
$50 after September 22.

Purchase your tickets now. (LCA members receive a discount on all chamber of Commerce events.)
Know of an LCA member or member business who has reached an important milestone? Let us know by emailing .
Big Crowd | Family Friendly | Laughter & Fun
The Haunt of the Neighborhood
Saturday, October 26th | 3:00-5:00 PM
Mark your calendars now and save the date of Saturday, October 26th for LCA's 12th Annual   Howler at Bauler , Lincoln Park's favorite neighborhood Halloween event. There's simply no way to describe  Howler at Bauler   — it has to be experienced to be believed!
Interesting in sponsoring Howler at Bauler? Contact us at or call 773.531.5515. Interested in volunteering or participating in other ways? Contact Read below what a few of LCA's event sponsors have to say.
From a 2018  Howler at Bauler  sponsor:  “Great event!.....Very excited. Amazing turnout!!...Great connections. People putting face to the store….It was unbelievable. Never seen anything in Lincoln Park like it.”  Tanya Franco, Via Strozzi

“Wow! What another great event [Summer Sipper]! So many of the people we meet at your events have become our regular customers. We can’t wait until Evening in the Garden.” Morgan
Gabrielson, J9 Wine Bar

"Building a relationship with LCA has been an
important step in creating greater awareness of my gallery." Josh Moulton, Josh Moulton Fine Art

“Thank you so much for having us at Spring Zing. It was great to get out in the community to promote the new opening. We are looking forward to working with you again. Please let us know any upcoming events you would like us to
consider!” Whitney Jacks, Ideology Entertainment

The holiday tree lighting ceremony in Oz Park was “the most amazing thing Lincoln Park has done in decades.” Alderman Michele Smith.
“Our participation in the Evening in the Garden far exceeded our expectations. What a magical event it is! It was great to reconnect with friends, meet new people and see customers of both of our stores.This past Saturday a couple
who saw us at the park came in and made a sizeable tea purchase.” Christine Ramsey, Tea Gschwendner

“Unbelievable event yesterday. I had no idea how amazing it was going to me…..don’t know how you guys do it. And we’re thrilled with the promotion and would love to be part of Summer Sipper too. Thanks for everything you do." Julia Van Vliet, Bridgeview Bank

“What LCA is creating is incredible for both the residents and the business community. We are honored to be part of these events, thank you for having us. I appreciate all the LOVE you show Geja’son the mic, not necessary but very 
appreciated.”  Jeff Lawler, Geja’s Cafe

“Congratulations on a great event! We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship and partnering together to strengthen our community ties. You guys put on a a great event and we are proud to be part of it.” John
Fitzgerald, Lakeshore Sport & Fitness
Sunday, September 15th
6th Annual Evening in the Garden
Evening in the Garden is a neighborhood reception from 6:00 to 8:00 PM in our beautiful, award-winning Fire Station Park & Gardens. Hors' d'oeuvres and beverages will be served. Stay tuned for additional details.

Thursday, September 26th
LCA Monthly Board Meeting    
LCA Board meetings are normally held the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM in the back room of the Marquee Lounge (Halsted & Armitage). Meetings are open to the public.

Tuesday,  October 8th
LCA Zoning Committee Meeting
Zoning Committee meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM in the back room of the Marquee Lounge (Halsted & Armitage). Zoning Committee meetings are open to the public.

Thursday, October 24th
LCA Monthly Board Meeting    
LCA Board meetings are normally held the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM in the back room of the Marquee Lounge (Halsted & Armitage). Meetings are open to the public

Saturday, October 26th
12th Annual Howler at Bauler     
The 12th annual Howler at Bauler will be held at Bauler Park on Saturday, October 26th from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.

Saturday, October 26th
12th Annual Howler at Bauler     
The 12th annual Howler at Bauler will be held at Bauler Park on Saturday, October 26th from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.

Tuesday,  November 12th
LCA Zoning Committee Meeting
Zoning Committee meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM in the back room of the Marquee Lounge (Halsted & Armitage). Zoning Committee meetings are open to the public.

No November Board Meeting

Holiday Tree Lighting Date TBD

Tuesday December 10th
LCA Zoning Committee Meeting
Zoning Committee meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM in the back room of the Marquee Lounge (Halsted & Armitage). Zoning Committee meetings are open to the public.

December Board Meeting Date TBD

Thursday, September 19
The Chicago City Clerk will be bringing city services to Depaul Student Center (2250 N. Sheffield Avenue) in Lincoln Park as part of the City's new Mobile City Hall.

Residents will be able to purchase City Stickers, Residential Parking Permits, pay for Parking Tickets, Dog Licenses, and get CityKey IDs. The Clerk will be partnering with sister agencies and City departments to bring even more of our City's services to where you live and work.

All locations and partners are subject to change, please check the website or call 312-742-5375 for the current list of regional mobile sites.
Illinois residents now have the opportunity to apply for identifications cards that meet strict new federal security requirements. Your current Illinois driver's license or ID card (DL/ID) will only be accepted at airports, military bases and secure federal facilities until Oct. 1, 2020.

To see what documents you need to apply for a REAL ID, visit the  REAL ID Interactive Checklist.
Over six months, BPAC tossed around ideas and worked together to create this fun-filled event. A big shout out goes to committee members: Dennis Hack, Co-Chair; Dana Sodikoff Ringer; Paul Kendrick; Luci Grause; and Jerry Swarzman. Their enthusiasm and energy made this event a reality.

LCA president Kenneth Dotson helped promote the event, and he and board member Jill Thompson created the on-line sign up. Thanks, too, to the very talented Kori Schulman for creating the distinctive Bauler Olympic logo, which was used on banners, t-shirts and for social media. LCA member Jacob Ringer was helpful throughout the planning stages and day of, when he filled countless water balloons. LCA board members Donna Gallery and husband Kenny Bauer were invaluable throughout the event, especially during registration. LCA member Deirdre Graziano provided a folding table and her sunny, helpful presence all afternoon. LCA Board members Paul Shea and Sally Drucker pitched in to provide support.

Bravo to master of ceremonies LCA member Paul Kendrick, who kept the event rolling. Skip & Scoot owner, LCA member, Luci Grause designed the course and expertly led events. Another leader was Sam Malinowski of the Chicago Park District , who brought jugglers and helpers and cheerfully adapted the event for maximum fun. John Fitzgerald and his staff from LCA member Lakeshore Sport & Fitness led games and helped from start to finish. Alexandra Dent, who grew up playing at Bauler, kept score with the help of LCA member Laura Meyers. LCA Board member Jerry Swarzman supplied water and man power during events. Dennis Hack, also an LCA member, took over the mic at times, exhibiting his inner lounge lizard.

Thanks also to LCA member John Boryk for his strong endorsement of LCA at the even's conclusion and his recognition of the support our organization provides to Bauler Park.
What a wonderful way for Bauler Park community to connect. Thanks to all who joined in and helped out.
Winner APEX Awards for Publication Excellence in 2016, 2017 & 2018 (eight awards total for newsletter)
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From the Heart  has received APEX Awards for Publication Excellence in 2016, 2018, 2018 and 2019. In total the newsletter has received eight APEX awards since 2016. Additionally,  From the Heart  has been named a  Constant Contact All-Star for 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 based on the open rates and other metrics associated with this newsletter in comparison to other Constant Contact clients. 

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