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June 26th, 2019

Dear Neighbors,

Lincoln Central Association is a mosaic comprised of individuals from different generations , with unique talents and diverse interests. Some join with a desire to give back. Others are drawn by an opportunity to make connections. Some bring experience. Others bring energy. All bring heart. Together, that is the magic of Lincoln Central.

LCA treasures institutional knowledge; yet, youth and well reasoned fresh ideas are encouraged. Tenured residents, who once helped lead the organization, continue to support, encourage and provide wisdom. We not provincial. To the contrary, LCA's definition of neighborhood is expansive and twenty-six percent of our membership lives outside our boundaries, including many of our most active and valued volunteers and supporters.

Our mission statement is: To inspire people to join together for the social, cultural and physical enrichment of the neighborhood. If you've been inspired in any way by what we do and have not yet joined, why not take a moment and do so now?

Whether you have an abundance of experience or virtually none isn't important. Whether you are a familiar face or someone just getting to know our organization, you've got something to offer. And, regardless of where you reside, we'll make you feel at home. 

From the Heart,
Kenneth Dotson
President, Lincoln Central Association

P. S. Do not hesitate to contact me at any time at  or 773.531.5515 if you would like to learn more about LCA or have neighborhood concerns.
A Taste of the Neighborhood
This Sunday, June 30th | 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM | Fire Station Park
You are invited to join us on Sunday, June 30th for Summer Sipper! The event will once again be held in LCA's award-winning Fire Station Park, recipient of Chicago Excellence in Gardening Awards in both 2017 and 2018, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

Summer Sipper, now in its fifth year, is a free neighborhood reception-style event that brings together residents and families from nearby neighborhoods to meet, mingle, and enjoy beautiful, award-winning Fire Station Park and Gardens.
Sipper is also a great way to experience a taste of the neighborhood. Geja’s Café (340 W. Armitage) will be back for the fourth consecutive year to provide homemade red and white sangria. J9 Wine Bar (1961 N. Halsted) will be back for their third consecutive year offering a selection of fine wines. Cedar Palace restaurant (655 W. Armitage Avenue), a big hit at the recent Spring Zing, will sample their Mediterranean food for the first time ever at Summer Sipper.
Attendees will also be able to experience other great flavors at the neighborhood potluck table, a tradition that began at the very first Summer Sipper.

The Sipper potluck is not a traditional one in that there is no requirement (or even expectation) that attendees bring a dish. Many neighbors, however, enjoy preparing dishes to share with other neighbors often using (or inspired by) herbs and other items grown in the gardens at Fire Station Park. 

We welcome you to join in the fun and share your creations if you are so inclined. If not, you will be graciously welcomed to enjoy dishes prepared by others. Either way, we hope to see you in the Park on Sunday, June 30th at the 5th Annul Summer Sipper.
Brief Video of Summer Sipper 2018
Nothing says "magic" like an LCA event and Benjamin Barnes, one of America's favorite magicians , will be back at Fire Station Park once again to amaze and delight the crowd as he strolls through the crowd performing close-up magic and unbelievable illusions.

Benjamin is the Artist in Residence and Entertainment Director of the Chicago Magic Lounge and was formerly producer and creator of the longest running magic show in Chicago history, Magic Chicago.

He regularly appears at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California; the Wonderground in Las Vegas; and at upscale corporate events nationwide.
Watch the Amazing Benjamin Barnes!
Fewer sponsorship opportunities are available for Summer Sipper than for other LCA events. If you are interested in joining Geja's Cafe, Belmont Village, Cedar Palace and J9 Wine Bar as sponsors of Summer Sipper act now by e-mailing or calling 773.531.5515.
Tom Ward Followed His Mom's Advice
As the sixth of eight children growing up on Chicago’s far South Side, local businessman and longtime LCA member Tom Ward learned early to be independent and fend for himself — especially at dinner time. That independence informs the eponymous North Side insurance business he started in 1993 with “exactly zero clients.” 

Today, Ward’s insurance business has outgrown its Willow Street office; he’s looking for larger space within Lincoln Park. He employs eight. 
His business serves thousands of policy holders through more than 20 direct carriers, a choice Ward made because of the diverse insurance needs of the Lincoln Park community. His firm offers insurance for automobiles, homeowners, condominium associations, businesses. 

Ward admits to a rocky transition from college (he went to Southern Illinois University) to the 9 to 5 grind at a financial lender in the Loop. The two hour daily commute to his South Side childhood home made him tired and grumpy. A sister living on the North Side offered him a bunk on the couch. After that, Ward resolved to live near his work.
To get out of the office and stretch his legs, he takes lunch at the Athenian Room and other Lincoln Park eateries. He walks the neighborhood, rides his bike to the lakefront, to the Diversey driving range, to Cubs games. He’s a fan of Geja’s Cafe for dinner.

Ward’s devotion to the neighborhood began with his first office, on Lincoln Avenue near the former Children’s Memorial Hospital. He has been a member of the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce since 1995 and served on its boards and committees. He is also a past president of the Chicagoland Independent Insurance Agents. Baseball leagues at Oz Park and Hamlin Park are also sponsored by Ward. Continued....
The Challenge of Sibling Relationships
When is the last time you clashed with one of your siblings? If your answer has anything to do with middle school, then you probably are not currently sharing the responsibility of caring for an aging parent.

In Steven Levenson’s If I Forget, three siblings come together to celebrate their father’s 75th birthday and it doesn’t take long for the squabbling to start in this bitingly funny and insightful play.
The three each have their own version of family history and discover a cultural divide that leads to clashes as they negotiate the many decisions they must make—together—about their father’s care.

The play's began on June 7 and continues through July 7 at Victory Gardens Theater. A special performance tomorrow evening, June 27, for friends of Lincoln Central Association begins at 6 p.m. with a reception and conversation on aging, caregiving and memory, hosted by Belmont Village Senior Living — Lincoln Park.

The sibling experience in If I Forget rings true for many families. Without question, siblings can be a blessing when your parents begin to require more care, helping to shoulder emotional, financial or logistical burdens. But no matter how close you are as a family, it’s not uncommon for old divides to arise.
In If I Forget, the siblings’ mother passed away several years before the events of the play take place. Their father is slowly showing signs of needing more care, leaving the siblings with the difficult task of coming to a consensus on what do for his care needs and selling his home. Carlene Motto, Chief Marketing Officer at Belmont Village Senior Living (pictured), often sees how siblings can struggle to work together when making the transition to senior living for their loved one. Continued....
Feature articles continued below underneath PARK UPDATES
The Heart in Bloom
Thank you to our local volunteers, LCA members, committee members and board members, Fire Station Park and Gardens is already blooming with herbs, vegetables and a sparkling new rain barrel!
Feel free to stop by the garden anytime with your clippers to harvest ome of the Feel free to stop by the garden anytime with your clippers to harvest some of the following herbs:
Though not yet ready for harvesting, we are also growing the several vegetables at Fire Station Park and Garden, including:
A big thanks goes out to the 2019 Art Club at Lincoln Park High School and faculty representative Sydney Walters for the beautiful job painting the new rain barrel at Fire Station Park which is used to capture rain to water the plants in drier weather.
Thanks also to LCA volunteers Laura Myers, Mary Young and Rama Thoopal for their participation in this project.

Well done!
Special note:  Lincoln Central Association regrets any inconvenience caused by the decision made last fall to lock the gate at the back of Fire Station Park which leads to and from the alley. Unfortunately, vandalism by a small number of individuals accessing and departing the Park via that gate made this step necessary. Please help us protect this Park by calling 911 if you witness vandalism or any other illegal activity occurring in the Park.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns. Individuals wishing to help protect this Park by contributing to the security system may send a directed donation using this form .
Interested in volunteering in the garden? See the volunteer schedule and sign up here.
Saturday, June 29th | 3:45 PM
Bauler Park welcomes The Fifth Star Band, a youthful group of raconteurs looking to make their impact on the music landscape with their soulful jazzy twist on American traditional rock.

"The band is comprised of a fun bunch of guys who grew up in the surrounding neighborhood," said Jerry Swarzman, performance organizer and LCA board member. "Their family-pleasing sound will be just the right addition to your weekend. We invite everyone to join us for this performance."
The unique sound The Fifth Star Band has been able to cultivate is largely due to the diverse musical backgrounds each member of the group brings to the table. While at its core, Jordan Sawyer ’s songwriting embodies a modern take on American Traditional Rock, throw in some funky bass licks,a strong jazzy beat, and a smooth dose of Eric Pedone 's sax and you get a sound unlike any other.
Tuesday, July 9 | 5:30 - 7:00 PM
Wednesday, August 14 | 5:30 - 7:00 PM
This summer, we are excited to offer Family Nights at Bauler Park brought to you by the Chicago Parks District .

If you missed June's Family Night at Bauler Park, make sure to join us for the next two family nights. The July 9 Family Night will feature chalk art and and the August 14 Family Night will feature Bingo. Both nights will be fun for the entire family.
Make Music Chicago Came to Bauler Park on June 21st
Make Music Chicago made its first appearance ever at Bauler Park on Friday afternoon, June 21st featuring two singer-songwriters, Mike Felton and Brian McGrath, who entertained the crowd with both well known songs and original compositions.

Despite overcast and threatening skies, a nice crowd of adults and children alike was in attendance and the rain held off long enough for the second performer to finish his set.
Make Music Chicago is a citywide celebration of music in Chicago. 
Every June 21st, bringing together Chicagoans to celebrate their ability to make music, regardless of age, ability or preferred musical style.

Thanks to LCA's Anne Moore and Jerry Swarzman for coordinating the activity in Bauler Park.
Butterfly Garden Brings New Wings to the Heart
In May, local Girl Scout Troop 20229 from Abraham Lincoln Elementary School installed a butterfly garden at Lincoln Central Park in an effort to earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award.

The troop has been working on the project since January, and met monthly to research the perfect plants to attract butterflies. The garden will help sustain the butterfly population in the park, as well as add beauty and serenity to the park. Currently, the Butterfly Garden is marked by a temporary sign, but a permanent sign will be installed soon. 

Thank you to our local Girl Scouts and LCA park volunteer Tiffany Jozwiak for this great addition to our Lincoln Central Park!
Tom Ward, continued
He previously served on LCA's Board of Directors and on the Zoning & Planning Committee.
"Tom is a champion of the neighborhood" says Kim Schilf, president and CEO of the Chamber. "Some business owners join for a couple of years, then move on or away. After 20 years, Tom still shows up and brings people to our events."

On top of his local business and work with various other organizations, Ward generously supports Lincoln Central Association, sponsoring events such as Spring Zing and Howler at Bauler. He previously served on LCA's Board of Directors and on the Zoning & Planning Committee.
Ward, pictured is a thoughtful person. Travel takes him to warm spots where he can sit in an open-air bar and listen to acoustic music. He has a native’s love for Chicago and for Lincoln Park, but has concerns about the the fiscal health of the city, county and state.

"I have my late mother to thank for my professional and civic involvement,” says Ward. "She always said, ‘Participate. Involve yourself in your industry and in your neighborhood."

Fortunately for us all, Tom took his mother's guidance to heart . Our neighborhood is better because he did.
Belmont Village, continued
“There can be a return to childhood dynamics - old rivalries and expectations often re-emerge,” said Motto, pictured. “One of the pitfalls to avoid is assuming that your brother or sister is still the kid you grew up with. You need to take time to listen and get to know one another again. Be open to letting your sibling take a role in important decisions and care – they may surprise you."
Throughout the play, the audience looks into the living room as we see the siblings struggle with much more than how to help their father. The siblings, who now rarely see one another, find that their cultural differences are widening the chasms of their relationships. Their Jewish background, which previously brought them together, is now another source of heated debates.

“Most families wait too long to have what can be difficult conversations. When you wait too long, tensions can become stronger and other core differences can make their way into every argument,” said Motto.
“It’s best to have the conversation about the care needs for your loved one early and set a clear plan with input from each sibling and parents’ preferences at the center. If you think the discussion might become heated, set ground rules upfront to keep the conversation on track. Most importantly, come prepared to listen.”

To learn more about Belmont Village’s programs and services coming to Lincoln Park this summer, call 773-327-2200 or visit their website

We hope to see you at the play tomorrow evening, Thursday June 27th.
Due to the special LCA night at Victory Gardens (see below), LCA's June Board meeting has been re-scheduled from Thursday, June 27th to this evening, Wednesday, June 26.
Followed By a Performance of:
Tomorrow Evening, Thursday, June 27th |   Victory Gardens Theater
Reception - 6:00 PM | Performance - 7:30 PM
The neighborhood is invited to join Lincoln Central Association and  Belmont Village Senior Living — Lincoln Park   for  A Night to Remember,  an evening of hospitality, entertainment and conversation at Victory Gardens Theatre (2433 N. Lincoln Avenue) tomorrow evening, Thursday, June 27th in connection with the hit play,  If I Forget .

Victory Gardens is offering friends of LCA and of Belmont Village a very special value on tickets for that evening's performance. Silver seat tickets, normally priced at $51 for this show, will be available as part of this promotion for just $32 inclusive of all service charges, a savings of 39%. The ticket will also include admission to a pre-performance reception and discussion. (See instructions to obtain the discount at the end of this section.) It is not necessary to be a member of Lincoln Central Association to take advantage of this special promotion.
Tomorrow evening evening will begin with a complimentary wine and beer reception at 6:00 PM courtesy of Belmont Village Senior Living — Lincoln Park and Whole Foods , followed at 6:45 by a discussion on how to breach the sibling divide when confronted by the challenges of caregiving for an ailing parent (or parents) — one of the play's key storylines.

Leading the discussion will be Carlene Motto, the Chief Marketing Officer for  Belmont Village Senior Living , a twenty-five year veteran of the senior care industry. Also participating in the discussion will be LCA member Jeff Robison, operator of  Lincoln Park Family Care .
Ailing Father
Ambitious Daughter
Secretive Sister
Risk Taking Brother
While it is not necessary to be a member of Lincoln Central Association to participate in this special evening, we certainly hope you will consider  joining  if you are not already a member. And if you have allowed your LCA membership to lapse, we hope you will  renew .
To obtain your specially priced ticket(s):
1) Go to the If I Forget page on the Victory Gardens website, select the date Thursday, June 27th and press "Book Now"

2) Scroll to the bottom of the seat map, enter the code Community and press "Apply Code ."

3) Select any of the seats designated by a silver star and press "Continue." ( Please note: The discount applies only to the seats designated by a silver star.)

4) When you press "Continue," you will be taken to a page showing the tickets you have selected. The discount will not be reflected on this page. Press "Continue" again and the discount will be reflected.

6) Checkout at the discounted ticket price.

Don't "forget!" Only a few tickets remain. Reserve yours now while they last for If I Forget .
Meet the Cast
Watch the Trailer
Please Note: Some have reported receiving error messages when trying to purchase tickets on the Victory Gardens site when using the Chrome browser on a Macintosh computer. For best results, please use a Safari or Firefox browser when trying to purchase on a Macintosh. Or you can call the Box Office at 773.871.3000. Regular Box Office hours are  Tuesday -Friday   from 1pm -6pm, Saturday  from  12pm - 6pm  and Sundays  12pm - 4pm . Using the code Community will generate the same discount as online.
Anne Moore
Chair, LCA Zoning & Planning Committee

At the request of 2nd Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins, LCA’s Zoning & Planning committee met with principals of Logan Ventures, JDL Development, Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture and a representative from Alderman Hopkins' office at the committee's regularly scheduled June 11th, 2019 meeting. The purpose was to review plans for a proposed 4-lot project at 1623 N. Halsted Street in anticipation of a community meeting. The subject property falls within the boundaries of both Lincoln Central Association and the 2nd Ward.
The proposed project, pictured, calls for a 12 story brick and glass residential structure with a commercial space at the base. ( See proposed plans) The tower would hold one, two and three bedroom units, 26 parking spaces, green setbacks and a green roof. The garage parking would be accessed via the alley between Halsted Street and Burling Street. The zoning committee had reviewed the plans one day before the meeting.

At the meeting, the development stated that they had worked closely with Alderman Hopkins and the city’s Department of Planning and Development on several iterations of this plan. They further stated that the department of planning sought density in the area and Alderman Hopkins wanted a “gateway” structure to signal the entrance to his ward. 

Nevertheless, LCA's Zoning & Planning Committee unanimously objects to the proposed project (dated June 11, 2109) for the following reasons: 

  • At 12 stories, the proposed structure does not conform to the area’s underlying zoning codes (RM 4.5, RM -5, B 3-2). The height limitation within those codes was agreed upon with the City of Chicago in 2006 to settle a lawsuit. Since that time (and earlier) LCA has insisted that developers and homeowners within our boundaries adhere to limitations on height and density, and allow for open space as required by city code. We are a low-rise neighborhood; we believe in the preservation of light, air, trees, and permeable space in and around our built environment. 

  • The project calls for a a garage structure for 26 cars that would access an already congested alley, between Burling Street and Halsted Street. While we welcome new (appropriately zoned) buildings. We guard against projects that bring more vehicles into our already congested neighborhood. 

  • Structures outside of our boundaries, i.e., south of North Avenue, are used within this proposal to suggest that a 12 story structure is in keeping with the neighborhood. Those buildings south of North Avenue are not held to our standards, as they are outside our boundaries. 

  • Much of Halsted Street north of North Avenue is being and has been redeveloped within our neighborhood’s zoning code. To override such standards for this project would be unfair and set a troubling precedent. Indeed, several years ago a developer proposed a five-story residential structure at the south end of Burling Street, just north of North Avenue. LCA and immediate neighbors held the developer to the height and density allowed by code. 

We are alarmed at the proposed height and mass of this project. We have informed Alderman Hopkins of our committee's position and have asked ask that he hold developers to our neighborhood’s established zoning codes. Please contact Alderman Hopkins office with concerns and questions about this proposed project. 312.643.2299 |
Serving With Heart for 54 Years
Congratulations to LCA member and event sponsor Geja's Cafe who is celebrating their 54th anniversary in business this month.

To commemorate this milestone, Geja's has a variety of special offers available all month long. Time is running out, so take advantage of these values while you still can.
Know of an LCA member or member business who has reached an important milestone? Let us know by emailing   .
Residents Kick Off the Summer with Spring Zing
Nothing could hold back the warmth and smiles as neighbors joined together for this fun and festive event on June 1.  Families and kids of all ages were enchanted by giant bubbles from Professor Suds, close up magic and illusions from prominent Chicago magician, Sean Masterson, a visit from our friends at Engine 22 and more. 
It was hard to tell whether it was the painted butterflies or Geja Café’s delicious fondue that lit up more faces. Meanwhile, the zesty hummus from new neighborhood favorite, Cedar Palace Restaurant rivaled Lake Shore Sport & Fitness Club’s Bounce House for putting pep in your step. And the Chamber of Commerce’s endless candy bowl was every bit as captivating as the balloon art!
Perhaps we enjoy most the community joining together in what has become a tradition. Our new neighbors at Lincoln Common hosted giant Jenga and bag toss. Our friends from Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago and Kohl’s Cares for Kids had a new twist on safety. Our four-legged friends and their parents found fun with OZ Animal Hospital BGD&C Luxury Custom Homes brought the magic of luxury homes into the coloring of miniature birdhouses. And Emerald City Theatre sprinkled its magic wand over the day as well. Sponsors George P. White Foundation, Thomas Ward Insurance, the Harris Company Premier Properties and *play toys • books • gifts were not able to participate on site but their contributions were felt.
Presenting Sponsor , Lincoln Common ; Platinum Sponsors BGD&C Luxury Custom Homes , Geja's Cafe , Thomas Ward Insurance , the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce , Lakeshore Sport & Fitness , Cedar Palace , and the George P. White Foundation; Gold Sponsors Emerald City Theatre and *play toys • books • gifts ; and Silver Sponsors OZ Animal Hospital, the Harris Company and the partnership of Anne & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago & Kohl's Cares for Kids .
Tonight, Wednesday, June 26th
LCA Monthly Board Meeting    
LCA Board meetings are normally held the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM in the back room of the Marquee Lounge (Halsted & Armitage). This month's meeting has been re-scheduled for the third Wednesday of the month. Meetings are open to the public.

This Saturday, June 29th
Fifth Star Band in Bauler Park
The Fifth Star Band will perform at Bauler Park at 3:45 PM on Saturday, June 29th. Formed in the summer of ’16, The Fifth Star Band is a youthful group of raconteurs looking to make their impact on the music landscape with their soulful jazzy twist on American Traditional Rock. The performance is brought to you by LCA and the Bauler Park Advisory Committee.

This Sunday, June 30th
5th Annual Summer Sipper
Summer Sipper will return to our beautiful, award-winning Fire Station Park & Gardens on Sunday, June 23rd from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.  Summer Sipper is a neighborhood reception style event featuring dishes from local restaurants and dishes prepared by neighbors using herb grown in the garden.

July 3 - August 9th
Rollin' Rec at Bauler Park
Every Wednesday and Friday between July 3 and August 9 from 2 - 3:30 p.m., the Chicago Parks Department Rollin' Rec activity van will come to Bauler Park with sports, games and gymnastics.

Tuesday, July 9th
Family Night at Bauler Park
Join us on Tuesday, July 9 from 5:30 - 7 p.m. for family night at Bauler Park. The night will include chalk art and fun for the whole family brought to you by the Chicago Parks District.

Friday July 19th through Sunday, July 21st
Sheffield Music Festival & Garden Walk

Saturday & Sunday, July 21st & 22nd
Chicago Craft Beer Fest

Thursday, July 25th
LCA Monthly Board Meeting    
LCA Board meetings are normally held the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM in the back room of the Marquee Lounge (Halsted & Armitage). Meetings are open to the public.
Saturday & Sunday, July 27th & 28th
36th Annual Taste of Lincoln Avenue

Saturday, August 10th
Radium Swing Band in Bauler Park
Radium Swing Band will perform in Bauler Park at 3:45 PM on Saturday, August 10th. The acoustic band plays the hot gypsy jazz music of Django Reinhardt of Paris from the 1920s, 30s and 40s, including vocals, clarinet, violin, accordion, bass and guitars. Bring your dancing shoes and your berets! The performance is brought to you by LCA and the Bauler Park Advisory Committee.

Tuesday, August 13th
Family Night at Bauler Park
Join us on Wednesday, August 14 from 5:30 - 7 p.m. for family night at Bauler Park. The night will include BINGO and fun for the whole family brought to you by the Chicago Parks District.

Thursday, August 22nd
LCA Monthly Board Meeting    
LCA Board meetings are normally held the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM in the back room of the Marquee Lounge (Halsted & Armitage). Meetings are open to the public.

Saturday, September 7th
All-Age Olympics at Bauler Park
Join us on Saturday, September 7 from 3 - 5 p.m. for the All-Age Olympics at Bauler Park. The event will include sports events for kids and adults.

Thursday, September 12th
6th Annual Evening in the Garden
Evening in the Garden is a neighborhood reception from 6:00 to 8:00 PM in our beautiful, award-winning Fire Station Park & Gardens. Hors' d'oeuvres and beverages will be served. Stay tuned for additional details.

Thursday, September 26th
LCA Monthly Board Meeting    
LCA Board meetings are normally held the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM in the back room of the Marquee Lounge (Halsted & Armitage). Meetings are open to the public.

Saturday, October 26th
12th Annual Howler at Bauler     
The 12th annual Howler at Bauler will be held at Bauler Park on Saturday, October 27th from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.
Values from the Heart  is a benefit made exclusively available to LCA members who are current on their dues and otherwise in good standing. The program offers on-going discounts and other meaningful values from a select number of businesses in or near our neighborhood. Participating businesses are offering these values as an expression of their appreciation for LCA’s contributions to the community and to acknowledge those who support LCA through their memberships.
Hosted LCA Members for LCA Member Exclusive on May 15th
Thanks to LCA member and event sponsor  J9 Wine Bar  for hosting LCA members on Wednesday, May 15, for a free wine tasting reception. The event featured hors d'oeuvres paired with a selection of wines from the  Loire Valley region  of France.

This special event attracted members from throughout the neighborhood. Many who attended were first time visitors to  J9 Wine Bar  while many others are now J9 regulars who were first introduced to the establishment at a previous LCA event.

"This event was a great opportunity for me to meet and network with my neighbors," said Anne Marie Arpaia, new LCA member. "It was also nice to get better acquainted with this charming neighborhood hot spot and discover new wines that I hadn't tried before."

Join LCA to take advantage of exclusive member benefits including member exclusive events. Follow us on Facebook to learn more about member exclusive events.
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