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# 1 / 2016 
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In this issue:
Shout-Out #1-2016, Book Cover, The Minimalist Woodworker by Vic Tesolin

People Profile: Have You Heard About the Minimalist Woodworker? Vic Tesolin is just that and wrote a book about it, too!

Shout-Out: Let's Get Woodworking 2016!

In-the-Spotlight: Don't Forget to Order Your Hock Tools Apron.
Get Woodworking 2016
Retail 1-2016, Get Woodworking 2016 Logo.
I miss Get Woodworking Week, that grand idea brought to us by the remarkable blogging woodworkers at Modern Woodworking Association in 2012, 2013, 2014, & 2015. I'm talking about Dyami Plotke, Chris Adkins , Sean Wisniewski , and Tom Iovino - the visionaries who bring us those bi-weekly MWA Podcasts with lively interviews of notable personalities in the woodworking world, book and tool reviews, shop-talk, and woodworking news (85 or more of these podcasts since 2010); the Hand Tool Olympics,  WoodTalk Online, the list goes on. MWA is one of the best grass-roots things to happen to woodworking, since, well, since woodworking!

                  -- Linda at Hock Tools
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Hock Tools New Aprons becoming a Favorite!
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Don't forget to order your Hock Tools Apron. These aprons are constructed for wear!   Each one has three waist pockets as well as a pocket on the bib for glasses and two skinny pockets for pens, pencils, measuring devices, etc. Made of washable poly/cotton blend for easy care. $20.00 each.
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With Richard Wile, Hermie Tolerba, Julio Diaz
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715 In-the-Spotlight I, Ron, Apron, Front
Ron Hock
Tomorrow evening, I have the privilege of serving wine and beer at the annual mid-winter exhibition of the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program. I wrote about it in my Sharpening Blog, so I'll spare you here. 

One of the wonderful things about this show, aside from the promise and passion, is that I know shows such as this remarkable testament to the craft of woodworking take place around the globe. And it is my good fortune to have the proximity I have to such a dedication to quality - and to the quality of folks involved.

Other than the work of masters, few things inspire the hobbyist woodworker as seeing novice pieces well thought-out and beautifully executed. Although in this case each student has benefited from five months of direct instruction on the use of tools and techniques, each of the student pieces in this remarkable show are only five months away from what you and I could actually aspire to build ourselves. In that way, we actually can see ourselves as better woodworkers, too.

So, whether or not you live on the Mendocino Coast - my part of this planet - or somewhere else, I hope you find and view an exhibit of fine woodworking students, or woodworking club members, and experience some of the exhilaration and connection I feel to their dedication to quality and craft.

And, of course, if you need anything from Hock Tools, please let me know.

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People Profile:
Have You Heard about Minimalist Woodworker 
Vic Tesolin's Book?
Retail 1-2016, Vic Tesolin, The Minimalist Woodworker.

Vic Tesolin, The Minimalist Woodworker

Shout-Out #1-2016, Book Cover, The Minimalist Woodworker by Vic Tesolin
In his new book,
have to mean a paucity of woodworking, or giving up the woodworking you look forward to.
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