As we enter this new age of NORMAL in our Salons, learning or refreshing on the basics is not such a bad idea. We have to realize, the dangers which lurk around us and our clients and be able to confidently protect our most valuable assets.

CLEANING - Part 1 of our 4-part series on
Cleaning - Disinfection - Sterilization

Cleaning is always the 1st step in following proper protocol in keeping our Salons safe. It is actually, the first step in any process of protecting ourselves whether it be in our Businesses or our homes.

Congratulations on joining us over the next 4 weeks in getting back to the basics and learning or reminding all of us, what are the proper steps in sanitation.

I also want you to know, Centre For Beauty is continuously working to assist in "changing the image" of our Salons. We can only do this through
proper and accurate information.

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Part 1 - 30 minute presentation