Welcome to part 3 of our Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization series.

We AGAIN had an overwhelming response to our 2nd segment on disinfection. To date, we have had over 300 participants from all over the Country.

Thank you and Congratulations to all of you for your continued learning.

When I first started these series, it was due to many request I received regarding certification of our Micrylium brand disinfection products.

I was angry because I did not feel being "certified" in a brand, made you informed of the proper steps to cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. Based on the overwhelming response and comments received, I was right.

Most of the information we have learned over the have been information taught in our schools, required by our States. Much of this information is information
of 50 years ago.

Much as changed over this time. Much has changed just recently. We must accept these changes and be smart enough, on our own accord to do not just what is right,
to do what is best for us, our families and our clients.

What these series have done for me, is solidify why I run my Business on Education based Marketing. Even I have learned and become more educated through research I have done to make these segments accurate and informative.

I encourage you to share our segments with as many people you know. Testing is NOT required. However, knowing the proper steps to cleaning, disinfection and sterilization is.

As I stated in my blog last we get back to work, if we do this wrong. If we do NOT take the necessary precautions it WILL affect our Industry as a whole.

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