Welcome to part 2 of our Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization series.

We had an overwhelming response to our first segment on cleaning. Thank you and Congratulations to all of you for your continued learning.

Before you venture on into Part 2 - disinfection, I find the need to express my thoughts on the opening of our Salons. There are many comments on social media good and bad. Sad actually because some are just downright rude.

I challenge you to look at our openings from a different perspective.

For years I have been advocating to "change the image" of our salons. It is frustrating to me how the outside world looks at us. Just the idea that we are considered "non-essential" speaks volumes.

Why is that? I believe it is because of the image we portray. We are
known for bling, we are known for fluff, we are known for
stiletto nails and polish color of the month. No one really speaks of
how we care for our elderly clients and how we are often the first responders.

I believe the time is now for us to change the public view of how the
Beauty industry is portrayed.

If we do this wrong. If we do NOT take the necessary precautions recommended by the CDC and our Government....they will know. If we do this wrong, the curve will go back up and they WILL track how, why and from where.

We only have ONE chance to get this right.

I encourage you to look at this as an opportunity. Go over and beyond your call of duty. Don't just do it, do it right and do it accurate.

I also want you to know, Centre For Beauty is committed to assisting in
"changing the image" of our Salons. We can only do this through
proper and accurate information.

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