PPE & Salon Basics
Welcome to part 4 and the final segment of our
Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization series.

I have received many gracious comments on our CDS series. Thank you, I. am humbled by the amount of Technicians I have been able to pass this knowledge too.

These past two(2) months I believe have been the most challenging time in our Industry. With all challenges there are always people who seem to take the bull by the horn and run with it. I am blessed and pleased to know many of them.

Those of you who have educated via my CDS series or any other form of education which was made available to you, are the hero's of our Industry.
It is because of you, I know our Industry will survive.

I would also like to give a shout out to Kelly Huether with Life of Riley Salon Supply. Every day for 45+ days, he went FB live and shared so much information to help our Salons and ourTechnicians through the past couple of months. He shared Financial information, Safety information, Personal information and more. I know personally, many people he has positively affected (including me) because of his courage to share the information he did. He truly is one of our Industry hero's

There are many Mfg. who forged forward with educational opportunities during our
two(2) month hiatus. My hat goes off to all of them and commend them for
giving of their time to offer free or heavily discounted classes.

Our 4th segment is a simple review of PPE items which, have now become a
part of all our venues. It's a review of basic salon protocol needed as we bring ourselves and our clients back into society. The new norm is very different. However, Salons which have already opened under the guidelines
of their State has proven it can be done.

I also want you to know, Centre For Beauty will continue to assist in
"changing the image" of our Salons. We will do this through continued quality education and full research of the products/brands we add to our venue.

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