An Adagio Accounting Newsletter
from AccSys Solutions

January 2021
Adagio Whitepapers and Video Resources

Do you know about the Adagio Whitepaper library? These free whitepapers written by Softrak present an opportunity to stay informed and keep up to date with the latest industry ideas. All you need to give them is your email address (which they likely already have if you are a registered Adagio user!) Here’s what’s available, with links to the corresponding download pages:

8 Surefire Strategies to Improve your Accounting Software Selection
This informative whitepaper provides a helpful approach to finding the best accounting software product for your business. It walks you through a series of steps, including identification of needs, product comparison, selection and acquisition.

8 Tips for Closing Your Fiscal Year-End
Your fiscal year is over. But the year is not closed, and the pressure is on. This helpful whitepaper provides tips for preparing to close your fiscal year, with the goal of reducing your stress and anxiety over completing another year-end close.

8 Tips for Managing your Backups
Most people don’t think about backups until it is too late. This informative whitepaper provides 8 important tips for creating a regular backup process and managing backup data, with the goal of reducing business risk.

8 Tips for Managing your Electronic Reports
In the accounting department, results can be obtained and analysis created within increasingly more powerful software solutions. Here are a few tips to help clear away the clutter as you start to organize electronic reports and associated documents.

8 Tips for Preparing for the Year-End Audit
Publicly traded companies, large businesses, many not-for-profit organizations and even small businesses in some regulated industries are required to have an annual audit by an external accounting firm. The annual audit is often seen as an unwelcome distraction for the accounting department. Here are a few tips to help turn that audit frown upside down.

Softrak’s YouTube Library
Softrak also maintains an extensive video library over at YouTube. These short videos of 3 to 5 minutes will show you a brief overview of various processes or features that are available in all Adagio modules. They provide a quick way to investigate how a specific function works and useful tips on how best to use it. Make sure you check them out at
Adagio Technical Tips
Exporting Some DocStore PDFs
Question: We are fairly new users to DocStore and wonder how best to provide electronic documents to our auditors? We would prefer to not provide them with a full download of all of our PDFs and only provide them with the transactions they request. I’m curious what others do to provide the backup to auditors without giving them more than they need.

Answer: If you have GridView and are using it to cherry-pick the transactions requested by your auditors, include the {Doc Link} field on the View and enable “Export Documents” in the View | Customize | Views setting.

As with the Financial Reporter, ExcelDirect of the View results in a spreadsheet with links into a Folder created below the Folder containing the spreadsheet containing all the scanned documents.
Be patient after clicking the ExcelDirect button. It takes a while to find and copy every PDF out of the DocStorage Folder.

Adagio Invoices 

Question: Is there a way to generate A/R invoices right in Adagio? Currently we generate detailed invoices in Excel and then enter basic information into the invoice module to generate an A/R balance.

Answer: Are you looking to produce invoice documents that can be sent to Customers? Would it be a form with addresses, product/services, prices, taxes etc?

If so, there are two modules that are commonly used for that purpose: Adagio Invoices or Adagio Order Entry. Both produce invoice forms to be sent to Customers, either by email or on paper.

The Adagio Invoices module is perfectly suited for billing for services. It can handle a variety of businesses, has a form designer so that you can design the layout of your invoice, has a recurring invoice feature and links directly to Adagio Receivables. An Invoice can have as many detail lines as you require and each detail line can have a description up to 750 characters in length. If you need to track stock quantities, you can optionally link the Invoices module to the Inventory module.

Regardless, it is a good idea to show your Adagio dealer the spreadsheet you are using and ask him/her if it can be reproduced in Adagio Invoices. The look of your invoices can definitely be replicated but if Excel is doing some special calculations then this will require some hands on Adagio expertise to sort them out.

Files for Caseware

Question: My accountants use Caseware to read my Adagio files. Which file(s) do I need to send them?

Answer: Backup your Ledger database and send that to them. You can just use Adagio’s menu: File | Backup | Ledger. Or, if you run a data integrity check you can send them the resulting file called

Violation Error

Question: I recently spun up a new Server 2019 box to support Adagio Ledger and Payables. All the data was previously migrated from the older 2012 server to the new one. Shares and AD permissions on the new 2019 server are identical to the previous server.

When launching either Ledger or Payables from the server I get the below error messages: ”Access violation at address 00681487 in module ‘Ledger.exe’. Read of address 000000000.”

When opening up Payables, I get the same error as above but then get this below: “Critical Error: [1305] unknown OS error accessing EZTASKS file.”

Answer: The 1305 error means that the EZTASKS.LD4 file in the \softrak\system directory is locked for access. It could be in use and locked on the server, or the user does not have permissions due to rights or anti-virus software.

In general, there is something in the network environment or setup that is preventing proper access to Adagio. If you continue to have difficulties with getting past these errors, you should probably be reaching out to your Adagio consultant.
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