GNJMA COVID-19 Social Media Toolkit 

HAVE YOU SHARED?  Let's keep this momentum going and make sure our voices get heard!

The word is out and the press is a-buzz.  From many sources, including our own letter campaigns, DC rally participation and home-grown public relation campaign, things are happening.  Even Vice President Pence showed support and many of our government representatives. Now, we need to keep it going to make sure we get the help we need in the next round of stimulus packaging.  

We have shared this information a few times to help get you started.  UMA recently asked to be added too, so we updated the list.  Thanks, UMA!  We also have started a Twitter account: @greaterjersey.

Here is the updated  Social Media Toolkit . This step-by-step guide includes:
  • A list of member social media profiles
  • Social media post templates to share on your profiles
  • Social media information for members of Congress
  • Key URLs and hashtags
  • Graphics and an infographic (like the one below) to use in posts
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you and we wish you a Happy & Safe Memorial Day!

Patricia Cowley
Executive Director
Telephone:  908-750-4538
Email:  pcowley@gnjma.com
Website:  www.gnjma.com