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Welcome to the first issue of Wellness NOW, a monthly e-newsletter offering health & wellness tips, and suggestions of simple ways to incorporate serenity into your life.

To quote the Red Queen in Alice Through the Looking Glass, "Now, here, you see it takes all the running you can do to stay in the same place." I hope this e-news will be an antidote to all that running - through relaxation, meditation, movement and mindfulness.

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May you be well,
Olivia (aka, Ohm)
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The Power of a Smile

"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile,
but sometimes your smile is the source of your joy." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Recently my friend Joanne left me a message. At the end she said, "I try to start each day with a smile...even if it doesn't end that way."

I was struck by that. It did, in fact, make me smile. And the best part is when we smile we feel better! Why? The simple act of smiling sends a powerful message to your body, mind and spirit that everything is fine (even if it doesn't feel that way).

Smiling relaxes hundreds of muscles, helping us feel calmer, happier and more peaceful. See for yourself by trying the quick exercise below.

  • Start with a neutral expression on your face.
  • Squeeze your eyes tightly and grimace. Silently say the word "no!" a few times, noticing how you feel - physically, mentally, emotionally.
  • Let the word "no" drift away, returning your expression to neutral.
  • Smile gently, silently repeating the word "yes!" a few times. Notice how this makes you feel - physically, mentally, emotionally.
  • Allow your face to return to neutral. Breathe deeply and feel the difference between a scowl and a smile.

Like Joanne, start each day with a smile. It's easy, it's good for you and it's contagious...see how many people smile back at you!

"Peace begins with a smile. ~ Mother Theresa