May & June 2020
Composting is one of the easiest ways to reduce your waste. It’s also a great way to get your family involved in connecting to the earth while at home. Co mposting is a process that breaks down organic material, like yard clippings or food scraps, into nutrient-rich soil. When organic materials are sent to a landfill, they take a very long time to decompose and simultaneously produce a strong greenhouse gas called methane, which contributes to climate change.

Why should you start composting?
  • Keeps materials out of the landfill.
  • Reduces methane emissions.
  • Improves soil health and helps new plants grow.
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers when the finished compost is applied to your garden.
  • Allows your family to learn some soil science while safe at home

Learn how to take advantage of the City of Ventura's compost bin and worm bin rebate program and read our how-to guide below to start composting today.
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Environmental Program Updates
Green Business
Green Conscious Consumers on the Rise

We all know that running a business in an environmentally conscious way requires you to go the extra mile. But the environment is not the only thing that "thanks" you for this commitment, your consumers do too! According to the Harvard Business Review and the 2019 Food and Health Survey, consumers are actively choosing pr oducts that keep the environment in mind. Environmental sustainability significantly influences 54% of consumers, and of those who shop with environmental sustainability in mind:

  • 51% look for foods labeled as being locally grown
  • 47% look for foods labeled as sustainability sourced
  • 47% look for foods labeled as non-GMO/not bioengineered
  • 41% look for recyclable packaging
  • 35% look for minimal packaging

Green businesses are on the rise, and consumers are responding with their support! Tell your favorite Ventura business to sign up to be a Green Business at . We will help them cut costs, increase visibility, and attract new customers! Contact: Lars Davenport;; (805) 652-4595
Green Schools
Recycling Challenge Winners and New Youth Poster Contest

Two local schools were recognized in the state-wide K-12 Recycling Challenge. Sheridan Way Elementary School won 2nd place for cartons recycled per capita, and Buena High School won 5th place for CRV recycled ( See results here). We are so proud of these school and their hard work. Learn mor e about our Green Schools Program and past K-12 Recycling Challenge winners.

A new youth poster contest recently launched to celebrate clean watersheds in Ventura County. All 2nd-5th grade students in Ventura County are eligible to submit their hand-drawn artwork which showcases how we can keep our watersheds and ocean pollution-free and healthy. Contest winners will have their artwork displayed so they can share their message with the community. Display locations vary throughout the county, but may include city hall, transit centers, trash cans, and public libraries. Simply submit your artwork online or by mail. The deadline for submissions is June 30th. Winners will be contacted directly and listed on the contest webpage. For more information on the clean watershed poster contest and how you can keep your watershed clean visit
Food Waste Prevention
What does food waste really cost? When we toss food instead of eating it, we're wasting labor, resources, time, and money. A 4-person family can lose at least $1500 per year on wasted food alone. Save money and much more by committing to wasting less food at home.

Visit for tips and resources.
Recycle Coach Tip
Did you know how to dispose of aerosol cans? Full or partially full aerosol cans do not belong in your curbside recycle or trash bin. Please bring them to a household hazardous waste (HHW) collection event . Empty aerosol cans can be recycled in your blue recycle bin.

Download the Recycle Coach App to learn more!
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A Once-in-a-Decade Opportunity
The 2020  Census  is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to help our community.  Census  data determines California’s federal funding for important community services such as funding allocations for schools, child care programs, road maintenance projects, and social assistance programs, and ensures fair representation of California in Washington D.C.
The  Census  is more than a population count. It's an opportunity to shape our community's future. You can make a difference in  Ventura County  by taking the 2020  Census  today at . For more information on the  Census , visit .
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