Friday March 30
Erev Pesach
(Fast of the 
First Born)
Morning Services 7:00am
Finish Eating Chametz by 11:16am
Sell & Burn Chametz Before 12:20pm
Friday Eve Services
Candle Lighting

Shabbat March 31
Morning 9:00am
Evening 7:20pm
Candle Lighting 8:27pm

Pesach II
Sunday, April 1
Morning 9:00am
Evening 7:30pm
Havdallah 8:28pm

Sunday March 25
Morning Services 8:30am
Evening 7:20pm

Intermediate Day Services
Morning Services 7:00am
Evening 7:30pm 

In the Community
Please donate Passover foods to the Hamilton Kosher Food Bank. The Box is located behind the cash registers in Fortinos on Main Street West. 

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Short Vort:  Questions Anyone?
The strength of Judaism over the centuries has been fueled by our capacity to ask meaningful questions. At our very inception as a nation we were taught how to ask.  The night of Pesach is described as the time, "When your son will ask you" (Shemot 3:14). And this inquiry process is not limited to children.  Even someone who sits alone is required to question themselves.   Why?

A slave is programmed never to question. Consequently, our first step towards freedom is precisely that.   Nobel Laureate, Isidor Isaac Rabi (1898-1988), was once asked what motivated his academic success. He answered, "My mother never asked me, Izzy what did you learn today, she would only ask, Izzy did you ask any good questions today. That made all the difference."  

Rabbi Berel Wein once commented that sadder than the child who does not know how to ask is the child who is not allowed to ask. Deep within each of us is a thirst for answers but that thirst can only be quenched if we can formulate the right questions.  Asking the right questions isn't easy but it's been the key to Jewish growth for over three millennia.   Questions anyone?

Rabbi Daniel Green
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Pesach is coming!!!
  If you have not sold your chametz yet, please come into the Shul office no later than 12:00 today so it does not get missed! 
The online form will not be monitored after 11:00am today so if you can't make it in, please call Eileen no later than 12:00 to make sure she has received all of the information at 905-528-0039. 
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 Shmurah Matza is being sold by Chabad of Hamilton for $26 per box. To order, please e-mail Pickup can be organized at the Adas office with exact cash or cheque made payable to 'Chabad of Hamilton'. The office is open today until 1:00pm SHARP.
Coming Up...
Hamilton Hebrew Academy  Annual  Gala   Dinner 
Sunday, May 6, 2018
Honouring community members who served in the IDF &
the establishment of the State: 1948-2018
  Israeli Gourmet Cuisine  as well as selections from the finest Israeli wineries, breweries & distilleries.
Dinner Chairs Josh Salmon & Perla Zaltzman

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 J NF  Hamilton invites you to a morning with
MK Avi Dichter
Sunday, April 22 nd  @ 9:00 am

 At the Adas Israel
Dichter is a Member of Knesset and former Director of Israel's Shin Bet security service. Tickets are $10 if purchased before April 13th and $18 thereafter. A light breakfast will be provided. Tickets can be bought by calling our office or going to our website.
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