From the entire Team at Roof Hugger LLC we would like to wish everyone a
Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!
This holiday in particular is an opportunity for each of us to give thanks for the support we have received from our customers, suppliers, friends and family members.

This has been one of the roughest years any of us have experienced in a long time and the Thanksgiving Holiday means we are closing in on the end of 2020 and hopefully a better year in 2021.

Best wishes to each of you and your loved ones for a warm, happy and maybe a...... football filled Thanksgiving.

Thank You for your support!
The Roof Hugger Team

P.S. Should you end up with any free time you might want to check out the latest Roof Hugger article released by Florida Roofing Magazine. Linked Below
Survive Economic Swings by Diversifying Your Business
By Dale Nelson, President, Roof Hugger, LLC
Every year about this time my wife and I meet with our retirement advisor about what we should do with our IRA and 401k savings. Every year we get the same advice……diversify your savings, don’t put all your funds in one stock or market segment. Have a mix and you will much more comfortably ride out the up and downs of the economy.

This same good advice applies to our businesses. “New Construction” has been a booming business for the past 5 years or so but as always “this too will change” and as a result of Covid-19, boy oh boy, has it changed. Many projects have been slowed down, many have been delayed and others cancelled. Having another steady base of business is....Read More Here
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