Summer Ice Maker Woes.

With temperatures hitting 110 degrees F, it's no wonder that we've seen such a huge surge in ice maker repair calls. In fact, broken ice makers are  one of the most common refrigerator repair complaints we receive this time of year. 

An increase in usage due to the hot, hot summer days is one reason for the spike in repair calls. Plus, many people wait until summer to fix an ice maker that has been broken since Christmas. 

If your ice maker isn't working, read our blog to learn how an ice maker actually works (you may find that the fix is simple).

If the problem is beyond a simple self-diagnosis, give us a call for fast service.

Keep your cup full this summer! 
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Summer Refrigerator Maintenance Special!

Have the Peace of Mind that Your Refrigerator Won't Break Down this Summer.

For only $98, we'll provide the following services:
  • Clean the condenser coils
  • Check and properly adjust the thermostat and air dampers
  • Check the automatic defrost cycle
  • Check door seals for air leaks
  • Clean the defrost evaporation pan
  • Check the defrost drain for blockage and leaks
  • Level the cabinet
  • Check the ice dispenser (if applicable) for proper operation
  • Check the water dispenser (if applicable) for proper water flow
  • Inspect the electrical system
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*R efrigerator maintenance package does not include cost of parts and labor to make repairs, if needed. 
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