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Every one has a story -- overcoming a challenge, a surprise “aha” moment, times our children made us laugh so hard we couldn’t stop, the rough moments, teary times, a tragedy, a romance, an insight when our past pops into our "now," loss, learning, accomplishment, mistakes, growth, triumph— a story which can inspire fellow family travelers, if told.

The new website has a BLOG page! It’s for Santa Cruz County parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, and children to share personal stories, vignettes which have their genesis in the family . Our story may seem ordinary to us, but the reality is, “Every story has worth!” Read this one about romance.
A Sweet Story about A Renewed Romance
by Donalyn Marchi Allen
I thought I would share this photo of my dad and his high school girlfriend back in 1958, I believe right there on Seacliff Beach. I have run this beach thousands of times and it just delighted me as I see him in these photos enjoying his time with his then and now girlfriend.

Funny enough, they have reconnected after all these years and are dating now. 

Here they are, Don Marchi and Betty Moore Behic, in 1958 and now.
See! A short, sweet story by  Donalyn Marchi Allen , who spent most of her adult life in Aptos, now lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and three children and helps families relocating to Boise with finding a home!

Have a storied weekend! Please send us a story! Parmalee
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Moms Recommend Board Games for 3 (+) Year Olds

H - Check out Peaceable Kingdoms games. We have Hoot Hoot Owl , Acorn Soup and Dinosaur Escape . My three year old loves them all.
M - My boys love... Bugs in the Kitchen , Uno .
J -­ Zingo , Candyland
L – Matching games
R - There are some wonderful "memory" games out there. I think around 3 you could start with 24 cards: Life on Earth
S - Hi Ho Cherry-O , Zingo , Chutes and Ladders , Let's Go Fishing , Old Maid , Candyland
E - The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game , Hisss , Eye Found It , Spot it (1,2,3/jr.animals etc)
K - Yeti in My Spaghetti
D – Quirkle
N - My 3 yr old loves Zingo and Spot It Jr
S – Silly Street
R – Make and Break played collaboratively, Busy Town
R - Hoot Owl Hoot , Yoga Garden , and Jenga
J - Mermaid Island is a big hit with our 3 year old and it's a cooperative game so each player works as a team to cheer the others on
S - Hungry Hungry Hippos!
I - Feed the Woozle and Snails Pace Race
M - We started Uno by taking out the cards that ruin the flow (reverse, skip, draw 4 etc). It helped massively with my 3 and 4yo getting the hang of the game. Then we wove those “baaad cards” (as they excitedly and lovingly call them) back in. And they can play solo wo any adult help now.
R - Unicorn Glitterluck and Dragon’s Breath
M - My 3 yo got Sequence Jr for Christmas, and she and my 6 yo both love it.