As you may already know, the staff at Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists has decided to focus on charitable causes as one of our annual goals for 2016.  Last month we collected items for the New York Bully Crew animal rescue group.  A special thank you to our patients for their generous donations of food, blankets, bones and other items needed for the shelter.

This month, with Valentine's Day in mind, we decided to "share the love" and 
try to make the  world a better place by performing Random Acts of Kindness with ReesSpecht Life Pay It Forward Cards. 
The Specht family of Long Island lost their little boy, Richard Edwin
Ehmer Specht (Rees) in 2012 to a drowning in their backyard pond  after Superstorm Sandy.  In honor of their son,  the Spechts have sought to make the world a better place by getting people to perform random acts of kindness through their Cultivate Kindness - Pay It Forward Cards. 
Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists has ordered a supply of ReesSpecht Life cards so that we can pay it forward to others in our community this February and March.  As the Cultivate Kindness cards explain, when you do something kind for someone else, just give them a card and they will, in turn, pay it forward by performing a random act of kindness for someone else.  To date, over 240,000 ReesSpecht Life Cards have been distributed all over the world, each hopefully marking the first of many acts of kindness.

So have a heart this Valentine's Day and share the love! We invite you to come into the office this February and March and take a few ReesSpecht Life Cards and join us in performing random acts of kindness in our community.  Just imagine all of the good we can do together by simply being kind! And remember, change doesn't always have to be big.  It is through the little things that we can make the biggest impact!
Many blessings to you and yours,

Dr. James Marotta
And the staff at Marotta Plastic Surgery Specialists