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Hello Spiritual Seekers!
I'm passionate about Puzzles and LOVE to solve them in my spare time. Did you know its National Puzzle Day Today? And Life can be a puzzle sometimes can't it? If you are searching for answers to life's puzzling questions, like, I have (or my loved one has) this mysterious pain or illness which is puzzling my doctors. . . There are not always easy answers. If you are not giving up, and are on the path to FIND a solution. . . My next 2 classes are steps in the right direction!
What do chakras and energy have to do with it?
Get more info for Tues., Jan 30, 6:30-8:30 pm at ISD here:

We'll find out where our energy flow, or chi, is getting stopped up, and do powerful unique guided meditations & other proven self-healing techniques to relieve aches & pains and speed the healing process. Get MORE INFO or REGISTER HERE.

And the quest for missing pieces to the puzzle CONTINUES on Saturday, Feb. 3rd, with "Fundamentals of Meditation", a class that past students have called
"The First Day of the Rest of my Life!"
Lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, speeding up healing time, reducing anxiety, not getting sick as often- scientifically proven medical benefits. We go thru techniques that make meditation easy- whether you're just starting out, or you are beginning your practice again, you will reach transcendent states of connection & oneness with Diana's unique guided meditations. You will meet your Spirit Guides & get intuitive guidance for your life path. CLICK HERE For More Info or To REGISTER.
Mark your Calendars. . .

A beautiful metaphysical fair, where you will meet powerful Energy Healers and Psychics who have many more puzzle pieces that fit into your spiritual & healing quest. Home-cooked buffet lunch, and Vendors for your Spiritual/metaphysical needs. You can pre-book for your personal private Reading with your favorite Reader or healer.
All the Details: www.shiftnewyork.com.
The Readers slots fill fast so Register Now for Cabin Fever Spirit Fest.
We are celebrating our first year at the Institute for Spiritual Development! NEXT Church Service at the Institute is Sunday, February 4th at 10 am. What do we do there?
Find out by listening yourself to the sermons and guided meditations!

Rev. Diana Friedell is the Director of the Institute for Spiritual Development, and a graduate of the School for Spiritual Healing and Prophecy in Lily Dale, NY. She offers Psychic Readings for life guidance and connecting with loved ones in her Oneonta Office at ISD Oneonta. She has been practicing and teaching classes for 15 years.