Volume 13 | December 20, 2020
BHA Principal's Update
Assalamu Alaikum Dear BHA families,

It was been with Allah's grace and mercy, the vigilance of our excellent staff and your kindness and cooperation that we have successfully completed our first half of a unprecedented year, alhamdullilah.

As many families may be traveling during this winter break, we are making every effort to continue our safety measures and ensure the safety of our students and staff. With that said, we have decided to take precautionary measures and temporarily suspend in-person learning for our hybrid students for a two-week period following winter break.

January 4, 2021 - January 15, 2021

This two-week quarantine period will help increase the safety of our return Insha’Allah. During this two-week “virtual only” period we will resume our virtual schedule that we had in place in the beginning of the year. We had emailed the virtual schedule this past Friday for your reference.

In order to provide our elementary teachers with much needed time to make this pivot, January 4th will be an asynchronous day for all elementary students. Teachers will communicate their plans for this day with each respective class separately Insha'Allah.

In-person learning for our elementary school will resume on Tuesday, January 19th as Monday, January 18th is a federal holiday Insha'Allah.

Also, as part of our yearly health and safety measures, we are updating our immunization records of our students. If your child's immunization record on file with us is not updated, you should have received a message from our admin in each respective campus requesting proof of an updated record. It is very important that we receive this information by January 8, 2021, Insha'Allah. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

On a different note-this week, on Friday, the BHA CSF and CJSF Chapter hosted their very first student’s virtual game night. It was a special socialization event for students in middle and high school, former BHA students and students from Oregon Islamic School. I would like to thank all middle and high students, CSF/CJSF members, and their mentor Ms. Najwan who made this event a huge success, Masha'Allah.

Additionally, Bright Horizon Academy’s National Honor Society has been working hard the past few weeks in organizing a Mental Health webinar for youth members within our community. These current times can be hard for young Muslims and our NHS members wanted to build a space in our school and community in which these heavy topics can be talked about. Please see the flyer below for more information on this event along with the speakers.

On behalf of all of us at BHA, I want to express my gratitude to you all for your kindness and incredible support throughout this year. We pray that you and your families are blessed with a safe and wonderful winter break. We look forward to your return Insha'Allah.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan,

Muhammad Aftab Diwan, MEd
Travel over School Breaks
California is currently under a travel advisory. If your family is considering travel or planning a trip at this time, please review this important information from the CDC. We appreciate your support and diligence in helping us reduce exposure to students and staff.

Ayyub from 7th grade is doing amazing in Math mashaAllah.

Haya, Hamza, and Saalim from calculus are doing an amazing job mashaAllah.

For sixth grade- Aarif, Jasmine, Arhaan, Hibah, and Haris are doing amazing mashaAllah, for their first year of middle school.

For 8th grade- Aairah, Fowzia, Hafsah, and Zinedine are doing amazing in class mashaAllah.

~ Br. Basit Qargha
A Note From The Teacher: Ms. Munira

Awesome Kindergarten Students (Ma sha Allah!):

I want to appreciate each and every Kindergarten student both Virtual and Hybrid, for doing an amazing job by focusing and learning with enthusiasm and love.

 They are absorbing all the information like little sponges, masha’Allah! If they can learn in this kind of a situation, I am sure everything will be a piece of cake for them in the future IA.

Jazakum Allah Khairun to the dedicated Parents for doing an excellent job in assisting their precious children, SubhanAllah!
A Note From The Teacher: Ms. Sarah

Big shout out to my awesome students in their Quraan recitation. I’m so proud of you. May Allah bless all of you. Don’t forget we have to make the Quraan recitation part of our daily routine 😍.
Let's come together during the upcoming breaks and share our favorite recipes with our BHA friends! Send a video or a simple infographic and we will post for others to try! Virtual sharing is caring!

Please upload your video to google drive and share the link with us a an editor to : office@issdweb.org If you need help doing this, please refer to the following tutorial: How to upload files on Google Drive and share through link | How to use Google drive
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