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Volume 1 Issue 2          February 2017
If you've got that 'cooped up' feeling, IDS can help! Why not consider adding a home entertainment room the whole family can enjoy, and transform cabin fever into entertainment heaven? We can create, modify or expand your home technologies setup to build the system of your dreams! We can make your 'before' your happily ever after!
4kTV, or ultra-high-definition TV has four times the pixels of a traditional HD TV. What does that mean? Essentially, a clearer picture, with more detailed images. Do you need one? Should you want one? Read more
Why You Must Upgrade Your Alarm Monitoring Technology
As more people drop traditional phone lines and move to cable companies for phone service, a new challenge has developed for alarm system monitoring technology. To better protect you and your family or business, IDS strong advises that you upgrade how your alarm system connects to our central station.
Lighting Control for your lifestyle
Imagine having control over all the lighting in your home--from elegant on-wall touch panels, iPads or any of your smart devices! Go a step further, and we can integrate your smart lighting with other systems in your home such as music, shades, security and more. IDS can simplify and enhance your electronic lifestyle; contact us for more information.  Read more

with our Service Plans
IDS Audio/Video & Technologies wants to help you maintain your electronic lifestyle and avoid significant down time. A Peace of Mind Service Plan will make sure those products keep performing like the day you purchased them! Contact us today to learn more!

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