Teacher Appreciation Week - May 2-6, 2016    
Please join us in honoring our educators during Teacher Appreciation Week - May 2 - 6, 2016.  We recognize their dedication to their profession and acknowledge their roles in ensuring that every student receives a quality education.  Teachers are real life superheroes. They educate, innovate, encourage and support. Every day they touch the lives of millions of children, and their impact extends far beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Our school district is grateful for all of our teachers, and we appreciate their commitment to inspiring, nurturing, challenging, and preparing our students for a better future!
 Honoring Our Military Children

The district celebrated " Purple   Day " on  April 28 in honor of our military children.  Everyone wore various shades of purple to show their support.  We joined the many schools, organizations, and states across the nation in recognizing the strength and sacrifices of our military children and families during the month of April. 
Fair Street's Young Authors Reveal Tiger Tails 

"And what did you do at school today, dear?" Fourth graders in Ms. Eve Reeves's class at Fair Street are answering that question with, "I became a published author today!"  Their book, Lucile Saves the Day! Tiger Tales from Fair Street Elementary, is a collection of short stories written and illustrated by the students.

The project has been a collaborative effort between Mrs. Reeves, her Fair Street class, students at Brenau University, and Target which funded the project.   Each Fair Street author received his or her own copy of the book. 

Students from Fair Street and Brenau as well as invited family and guests enjoyed "The Big Reveal" this week.   Books were presented by Dr. Donna Cherveny of Brenau, and stories were read aloud by the authors. Goody bags and costumes matching the theme of the book were provided by Brenau students. This is the fifth year Brenau and Target have helped young Fair Street authors take their ideas from inspiration through the phases of drafting, editing, illustrating, and finally publishing a hardcover book.
Making Plans Beyond the Georgia Milestones

There is a feeling of excitement and anticipation now that the Milestones are over. At Enota MI Academy, students are now looking forward to middle school, the talent show, the show choir musical, and summer.

Arin Bedingfield, a student in Ms. Mathes's fifth grade class, is glad the Milestones are over. "I am so happy Milestones are done because now I can go to bed later and stay up. During Milestones, it was really terrible. I couldn't even watch some of my favorite youtubers because my parents made me go to bed early. Also, we are practicing for the musical. I love the musical because it is fun to dance and be with my friends. It feels like a relief and a fun change after studying and taking the Milestones."

Olivia Rosetti, also in Ms. Mathes's class, is excited. "It's great because after Milestones we have the musical and talent show. We are spending more time with our homeroom teachers, and I love Ms. Mathes! I can stay up later, too." As for the Milestone assessments, Olivia thinks the tests weren't that hard. "The only subject that was hard to me was Math because I forgot some of the formulas. I think I did well overall, though." 

With the Milestones completed, all of our elementary students look forward to quickly finishing the next three weeks of school and are ready for their summer vacation!
GCSS Cafeterias Earn Perfect Scores 
All of the district's school cafeterias have received perfect scores on their annual health inspections for the 2015-2016 school year.  Typically, two health inspections are given each year per location. This is the first time in over ten years that all of the district's school cafeterias have received consecutive perfect scores.  GMS Cafeteria Manager Donna Perron states, "We are very proud of having a perfect score!  Gainesville Middle School has made a score of 100 the last 10 inspections!" 
School cafeterias must maintain proper safety procedures to minimize food related risks to students and employees. Processes include maintaining correct food storage temperatures and proper hygiene procedures.  All cafeteria managers are required to hold ServSafe Certification and are responsible for training staff on kitchen safety.  Sheryl Hendrix, Gainesville Exploration Academy Cafeteria Manager, says, "Being a manager and a part of the cafeteria staff is not as easy as people think it is.  There is a lot of work involved.  You only have a certain amount of time to have the meals prepared and ready to serve to students."  According to Ms. Hendrix, cafeterias must maintain correct food and water temperatures, follow proper cleaning guidelines, utilize chemicals properly, and maintain accurate paperwork in addition to other requirements.  
GCSS Director of School Nutrition Penny Fowler acknowledges the time and extra effort utilized by staff in maintaining the cafeterias and states, "I am so proud of the managers, food assistants, and district staff for their dedication to the students and employees.  As a former manager, I know how hard it is to make the grade.  To do this twice in one year is worthy of being recognized." 

"We work really hard to meet all standards to serve a hot meal to each student daily. We work with pride to show each student that we care for them and want them to continue to eat and enjoy their meals with us," says Brandy Thomas, Cafeteria Manager at Gainesville High School.  She adds, "It takes a team to pull a perfect score of 100, and I do believe GCSS School Nutrition is an awesome team!"

 Mighty STOMP! Leader Award Nominations

The Gainesville City School System recognizes school and district administrators who display outstanding leadership qualities. These individuals motivate and inspire others around them, set high standards of integrity, delegate roles and responsibilities among all team members, listen attentively and communicate effectively with all stakeholders with a clear, concise vision of strategic goals.

The Mighty STOMP! Leader Award honors that remarkable leader who leads by Supporting Teachers and Others Modeling Positive-Performance (S.T.O.M.P.).

To nominate a school or district administrator for the Mighty STOMP! Leader award, please click here.  Nominations must be submitted by Friday, May 6th.  

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