June 2013

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72-Hour Roadcheck Inspection Blitz Starts Tuesday

Starting Tuesday, June 4, and running 72 hours straight, the CVSA will be participating in Roadcheck 2013, the annual  campaign promoting commercial vehicle safety.

Approximately three times the typical daily number of inspections will be conducted during the campaign. This year, in addition to North American Standard Level I inspections, Roadcheck is focusing special enforcement attention on proper securement of cargo.

Inspectors will also hand out quick reference visor cards with information about the new Hours-of-Service requirements that take effect July 1.

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Intermodal Transportation & Its Impact On Vehicle Restraints

This trend of transporting cargo using multiple modes of shipping (without the actual handling of freight) has gained serious momentum in recent years. The expanded use of trailer-sized containers to move goods around the world has transformed the way freight is packed and loaded on trucks, ships and railcars.

Today, intermodal transportation is experiencing rapid growth, fueled by a global economy and the need to transport goods over greater distances using a variety of transportation vehicles.

These forms of transportation can handle much larger loads and are often more cost effective and efficient at moving freight. Recent studies support the growing intermodal trend.

According to BSR.org, the intermodal industry transports more than one-third the value of global trade and provides more than 4.2 million jobs worldwide.

The U.S. Department of Transportation projects that international container traffic will more than double by 2020.

Many experts feel the expansion of the Panama Canal, which is scheduled for completion in 2014, will only fuel the trend. The expanded canal will allow passage to ships with nearly three times the container capacity, doubling the canal's throughput once the project is completed.

Read the full story here.

Intermodal traffic rose 1.4% last week, the Association of American Railroads reported.

Traffic rose to 248,210 units for the week ended Saturday, AAR said in its weekly report and year-to-date, intermodal traffic has risen 4.1%, to 5 million units, over the same period last year.

Intermodal traffic at Norfolk Southern increased 5.8% last week, Bloomberg News reported. At CSX, it rose 3.7% but declined 3.3% at Union Pacific, Bloomberg reported.

Five of the 10 carload groups posted increases compared with the same week last year, led by a 28.7% rise in petroleum products.

Railroad volume is considered an important economic indicator. Intermodal traffic, which tends to be higher-value merchandise than bulk commodities, uses trains for the long haul and trucks for shorter distances at either end of the trip.