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2 Micro Grants Deadline Approaching
The County of San Mateo has launched two grant opportunities in San Mateo County (both available on San Mateo County Strong’s website):

for food carts/trucks, cottage food operators, commissary/incubator kitchens and caterers (deadline: Sunday, April 10th)

(first-round application deadline: Monday, April 11th)

Please note that if businesses are eligible for the California Microbusiness COVID-19 Relief Grant AND the Microfood Business Grant, they can apply and potentially receive both.
We ask and encourage you to promote this grant program to your networks and community.

News to Use
Decommissioned Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Cars “Given New Life”
As Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) rolls out its new “Fleet of the Future,” the agency wants to see eight decommissioned cars “given a new life,” according to Brian Tsukamoto, a BART special project manager. “We’d like to see them repurposed and have people continue to enjoy these cars.” The agency selected finalists from a pool of 20 proposals, which described what applicants planned for the cars. 

California’s Unemployment Drops to 5.4 Percent for February 2022
California’s unemployment rate went down for the month of February 2022 to 5.4 percent1 as the state’s employers added 138,100 nonfarm payroll jobs2 to the economy, according to data released today by the California Employment Development Department (EDD) from two surveys. January’s total nonfarm employment increase was revised (+6,700 jobs) to 60,300, while January’s unemployment rate was revised down to 5.7 percent. Employment Development Department

ABC: Over 24,000 ABC Licensees Have Received Renewal Fee Waivers
ABC Reminds Licensees with on-sale privileges to check if they are eligible for Renewal Fee Waivers. To verify eligibility for the renewal fee waiver and to submit your fee waiver, search by license number after receiving your renewal notice in the mail, verify license type fee waiver eligibility and identify any remaining balance due, and then submit your renewal fee waiver either online if you have no balance due, or by mail with your payment.

Gas Money: Is It Better to Send Out Checks or Suspend a Tax?
State lawmakers have several proposals for sending checks to people to help with the increased cost of gas. One-time checks would be especially helpful for people with lower incomes, economists and policy experts said. Republicans are pushing to temporarily suspend the state gas tax to reduce the price of gas. CalMatters

California Unemployment Rate Holds Amid Inflation Worries
California’s unemployment rate held steady in January as the nation’s most populous state added 53,600 jobs in a sign the economy is slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels. The Associated Press

Property Taxes
Due April 11
San Mateo County taxpayers can now pay their property taxes via PayPal. The Tax Collector’s Office is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and is located at 555 County Center in Redwood City. Satellite offices are located in Half Moon Bay and South San Francisco.

Quote of the week:
"Test, measure, learn. It is the best way to understand what works best for your company and invest in the right area to get more efficient and achieve business growth."
– Irina Georgieva, co-founder and CEO, Enterprise League
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