February 2018

This year Juice Plus+ celebrates 25 years helping people to get more fruits and veggies into their bodies. Juice Plus+ keeps getting better and better and we hope you feel the same. Now, keep reading and keep living your healthy lifestyle!
Kickstart those Resolutions!

Did you resolve to get healthier, eat better or exercise more in the new year? We can help! Our monthly Shred10 program is proven to be effective for all.  Our next group starts on February 5th (groups start the first Monday of every month.)

FREE with this program: Revolution Cookbook, Home Fitness Series, On-line Learning, etc. If you are looking for a healthy, nutritious cleanse or detox, Shred10 with Juice Plus+ offers the safest and most fulfilling plan. Eat real food, with over 60 whole foods included
. Watch this video for more info and let me know if this is your month to join in!
More on the Microbiome - great news!
NYTimes, Gretchen Woods, 1/3/18
Exercise may change the composition and activity of the trillions of microbes in our guts in ways that could improve our health and metabolisms over time, a new study finds. We all have heard by now that each of us contains a pulsating little universe of bacteria within our guts. This microbiome includes countless different species of microbes in varying proportions that interact, compete and busily release various substances that are implicated in weight control, inflammation, immune responses and many other aspects of health...
The study's overall results suggest that even a few weeks of exercise can alter the makeup and function of people's microbiomes, says Jeffrey Woods, a professor of kinesiology and community health at the University of Illinois. In theory, Dr. Woods continues, these changes could contribute to some of the broader health benefits of exercise, such as its ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body.
Additional study could also help to determine whether and how people's microbiomes might continue to change if they exercise for longer than six weeks - a goal that all of us, of course, have resolved to do in the coming year, right? 
It's not just us...

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Our kids are becoming more and more overweight too. As we know, the more overweight you are, the more you could develop insulin resistance - something none of us want.

Research conducted at Nemour's Children's Clinic in Florida shows the impact that good nutrition and Juice Plus+ had on childhood obesity. If you're a "show me the science" kind of person, click these links for more details:
Fresh at Foxboro!

Foxboro Schools grow fresh produce
By Alexandra Gomes, agomes@thesunchronicle.com, 11/30/17

tower garden
With childhood obesity becoming a growing concern, one can't help but worry for the health of American children. But children attending Foxboro schools have daily access to fresh produce, thanks to the aeroponic Tower Gardens located in three of the schools' kitchens.

The Tower Gardens were originally conceived by former food service director Allison Johnson, according to current director Janice Watt. Johnson secured grants from Whole Foods and the Foxboro YMCA to purchase two towers, which were later installed at the Taylor Elementary School... read on.
(Note: there are grants available that can be used to purchase Tower Gardens!)

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Happy 25th to our "Jetson Food"!