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I've been obsessing over Haritaki.

Just for some context, in case you don't know, Haritaki is one of the ancient revered Ayurvedic fruits that is usually found alongside Amla and Bibhitaki in the Triphala Blend.

My journey down the rabbit-hole started recently when a teacher told me that there are 7-8 types of Haritaki mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts. I also read somewhere that the fruit in the hand of Medicine Buddha is haritaki (see the book cover below).

I became hungry for more information, and began to search online for more details. That's when I discovered this book called "Myrobalan: The Elixir of Life." Myrobalan is the Tibetan name for a fruit growing on a wild tree belonging to the Terminalia plant family. This is an extensive botanical group of trees that is specially adapted to the different variations of subtropical Asian mountain climate.


Haritaki trees


Haritaki fruit

This book does a fantastic job of synthesizing information, including botanical pictures and facsimiles of old texts, alongside scientific data. The book itself is beautiful. It's a hand-bound hardback, sewed with natural grass rope and 3 real dried myrobalan fruits. I got in touch with the author, and now I've altered my itinerary for my next trip to India to visit a Haritaki farm.

Better understanding the incredible value of these ancient fruits has put me on a mission to find these trees which are going extinct and help with reforestation and cultivation.

I'm hoping that within two months, I'll be able to offer you consciously harvested, sustainable, organic Haritaki Powder right here on our store, so you too can experience this incredibly nutritious ancient supplement.

Also, I have made limited copies of this book available. Click here to purchase.



In Tibetan images of the Medicine Buddha, the left hand typically holds a blooming myrobalan plant.

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Black Turmeric and Lakadong Turmeric

Throughout the years, our High-Curcumin Turmeric Powder has continued to be one of our best sellers, which is why we wanted to bring you even more high-curcumin varieties to explore. We have sourced two new rare varieties.

Organic Lakadong Turmeric

This bright orange root is hand-picked in the Lakadong region in India and boasts over 8% naturally-occurring curcuminoids. The farmers who grow this special turmeric take great care while growing and cultivating, using only sustainable practices and never applying harsh chemicals. Lakadong Turmeric’s high potency means you may need a bit less - a little can go a long way.


Organic Black Turmeric

This looks and tastes like nothing you've had before. It's an ultra high curcumin variety that is also packed with other great compounds and has been used in India since ancient times for medicinal purposes. Recent studies have pointed to some astounding health benefits of this plant!

This rare variety of turmeric is highly-valued and is considered uncommon, even in India. It is only recently becoming known in the west. It is a vibrant blue when fresh and appears similar to black pepper when dried. It has as a stronger taste than its golden sister. It is very aromatic and potent due to a high concentration of naturally-occurring essential oils.

You can use as little as a pinch at a time. It is very potent!

Black Turmeric Slice.gif

4-5% Naturally-Occurring Curcumin

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>8% Naturally-Occurring Curcumin

Lakadong Turmeric
Black Turmeric

Turmeric Latte

Every evening I heat up a cup of milk and add the following to it to make a comforting, nutritious cup of golden milk:


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One more new product announcement

Buy Sacha Inchi Seeds

Roasted, Unsalted Sacha Inchi Seeds are here!

Sometimes called an Inca Peanut, these are actually seeds from the Sacha Inchi pod. They are excellent for snacking and rich in omega fatty acids, protein, and vitamin E.

Roasted Sacha Inchi seeds are a delicious, nutritious snack that can be enjoyed alone or eaten just as you would any favorite seed or nut. Plus, they’re gluten-free, keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, vegan-and-vegetarian-friendly.

Toss with oil and salt if desired. Try with our PrimalOil blend and a little Kick™ Salt or our Curry Powder.

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