Connected work improves everything we do with horses.
It takes us from a language of concepts, to sensations of feel.
March 2017
Editor's Note: Working with sensations of feel at the most subtle of levels is Peggy's specialty...and my fascination. I cannot thank Peggy and Connected Riding enough for what they bring to my understanding of feel!
With springtime joy,
Judy Good

Our cover photo:
The morning sun is throwing long shadows on the hillside field in Oregon. These are Karen Cheeke's three horses, Iliza, Ileana and Rheanna. Karen is a Connected Riding Practitioner.
What's Hot!!!
SCRT 101 Course
April 7-10, 2017
Sherwood, Oregon
More information here:
Open to all riders.  This is the first SCR Pathway required course. Take it now to determine if you would like to go further into the program, or if you just want a better understanding of 
Sensations of Feel.
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Visit the calendar  on the Connected Riding website to find more learning opportunities around the world.



Peggy Cummings


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Hello Connected Riders.       

I was so heartened by having met with a local group of riding instructor colleagues at our first one-day "Teachers' Lounge" gathering last month.   

I enjoy having dialogue with instructors regarding specific questions and providing translations on how to be more effective teaching, supporting horses, and synchronizing horses and riders. 

I look forward to continuing these sessions together in a safe and professional environment, to addressing the confusion, frustration, and plethora of information and to getting to what's true and useful in horse and rider education.

(See more information about the Teachers' Lounge below.)

"Our wish, at SCR, is to provide a space for open dialogue, curiosity, and hands-on sessions so that we can all become better educators."
-Peggy Cummings

NW Horse Fair and Expo
March 24, 25 & 26 in Albany, Oregon: 
My focus is to share more about developing peoples' sensitivity to the "feel" of connection with their horses, to being able to notice through their feel the smallest changes and nuances from their horses.

Also developing, with the sense of feel, the eye to notice the changes as they are being felt. Come to our demonstrations and lectures and our booth K 3-5 and experience a quick demonstration of what your horse feels when you are connected and when you are not.

We will be balancing people in the saddle and we will be sharing more tips on how to "feel" connection. There will be a "teachers' lounge" area at our booth, exclusively for riding instructors to learn about what we have to offer them and their programs.

We look forward to meeting with you 
and sharing (the feel of) Connection!



From the desk of

Spring is in the Air
and with it comes opportunities...
The promise of Spring is upon us and with it a host of activities that spreads the word and work of Connected Riding. 
What's New  

Did you know..... that we offer online, Skype, and telephone coaching and mentoring support? Yes, we do! If you would like someone on our teaching staff (including Peggy Cummings) to help you with a horse training, groundwork, or riding issue, please send us an inquiry to , with coaching help in the subject line.  Mentoring fees will be prorated based on your needs.

As we come into better riding and horsing weather, you might want to check-in with one of our teaching staff and have them support you with making a plan and putting some exercises and ideas together for getting things off to a Connected start this Spring!
Host Sites Around the World
Connected Riding host sites are being organized to formally offer School of Connected Riding courses in 2018, locations, such as Oregon, Texas, Barcelona, Washington, Missouri, Germany, to name a few. Stay tuned as our 2018 course offerings will be announced soon!
Susan Cook

What Connection adds to every being, in mind, body, spirit, is grace, elegance, and internal empowerment.
Susan Cook


  Last month our initial workshop for riding instructors began with a good start with a wonderful group of people eager to share their experiences. 

From Peggy: "Our organization is seeking to partner with trainers, barns, and other like-minded professionals of integrity to continue upgrading and improving our craft and service to the horse world and its clientele."
"I was moved by how dedicated and hardworking these people are to ensure their students are safe and fulfilled in the time they spend with horses."
Our next 
Riding Instructor Workshop 
in the 
October 7 th , 2017 
For more information: 
Join us! 

[Editor's note: Below is a simple Infographic designed to clarify the Connected Riding Pathway. It is meant to be printed on legal sized paper, laminated and hung for ease of viewing. 
 It was fun to co-create with Susan Cook. 
I am curious what readers think of it? Email:
Judy Good] 

One Day Clicker Training Clinic
We are planning a  one-day clicker training with horses clinic  taught by a retired CR practitioner, Peggy Hogan. If this is of interest to you, please email us at info@connectedriding, subject line, Clicker Clinic, and we will send you the date and registration information. Check out Peggy Hogan, Peggy is a skilled, fun, and wonderful teacher! Clicker training is a powerful tool for anchoring desired behaviors; boundaries, postures, and movement patterns for horses (dogs, too).

De-Spook You
Anke Johnson, CR Practitioner, has re-launched her 
Online Equestrian Confidence Coaching Service. 
Check it out!

Where in the world is Peggy?

Peggy will be at the following locations this year:
Canada / England / Switzerland / Germany / Spain
OR / WI / WA / MT/  VA / CA // New Zealand

United Kingdom  
3 Day Clinics, Lessons & Demo Day:

May 12-14, 2017 
Cat Wilton Region of Shepton Mallet 

May 18-22, 2017
Katherine Harberd
 Trealy Farm, Monmouth

Two Day Advancing
Foundation Clinic
and Lesson Day
July 14, 15 & 16, 2017
Mt. Horeb, WI


Fifth Annual
Dressage in Connection Clinic  

July 7-8, 2017
Corvallis, Oregon    
The format has changed from previous years,
and is not limited to Dressage Riders.

New Zealand 

Two Weekend Clinics 
plus Groundwork Day
*Contact Lyndsay ASAP to Make this Event a Reality*  
November 26-December 3, 2017  
 Contact:  Lyndsay Blackburn
Phone:  0212990051 
Article Well

Notice how horses move.

Notice how your horse moves.

Notice how you move

Rebalance your horse.

Rebalance yourself.

Ride in balance & connection .

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