Hardly a week goes by without us reading a new clinical trial regarding brain health or Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s even being referred to as type 3 diabetes now.This disease is still poorly understood even after years of study.
Here’s what we do know so far. There appears to be an age related accumulation of amyloid plaques, that is, fatty deposits in the brains of sufferers of Alzheimer’s Disease, and even in those with senile dementia.

The diagnostic difference between these two are, well, academic really. They both involve progressive memory loss and cognitive decline.

Hope was recently dashed when a study revealed that statin drugs, those used for cholesterol lowering by many for decades now, were not significantly affecting the accumulation of these plaques.

Being in the wellness and supplement world, we ask ourselves: “What can we do to prepare our community and avoid or delay this scourge"?

So far, no “silver bullet” has been found.

Multiple studies are currently underway at many research centers and a solution, even a partial one, is sure to be found.

Hope springs eternal.
But, we do know a few things that clinical trials show to alter the trajectory and perhaps slow the disease process:

  • Good quality sleep
  • Moderate use of alcohol ( I drink a day for women, 1-2 for men)
  • Close control of blood sugar and hypertension
  • Meditation or prayer
  • Close friends and family relationships and /or social involvement
  • Circumin /Turmeric supplements
  • Regular low impact exercise
  • B vitamins especially B12
We can all try to incorporate these into our daily lives.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.
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