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*feature image is The Third Space gym in London - voted one of the world's best gyms.


Ignite Fitness 2019
Summer 2018 Magazine
Forget Same Old, Same Old -
This is something Australia has never seen before.

IGNITE FITNESS  is an event that delivers a series of five-minute speed presentations from guest speakers and high-profile fitness business leaders, who will explore topics such as The Best Way to Sell a Gym Membership, or How to Smash Engagement Rates on Social Media. !

Presenters include:_
  • Steve Jensen
  • Paul Brown
  • James Short
  • Mel Tempest

THIS EVENT WILL BE A SELL-OUT! In Earlybird tickets are gone, but you can still secure your spot - click here .
OUT NOW! - The NEW WNiF SUMMER 2018 Magazine.

In our Summer 2018 Edition, find out how easy it is to convert a spare room in your gym into an altitude training facility. Get the heads up on the top 10 predicted fitness trends for 2019, pick up some new fitness training tips, get professional digital marketing advice, learn best Instagram practices, get effective HIIT programming and a whole lot more, including 10 pages of  'What's New' across commercial fitness product ranges, business services and other equipment. Enjoy!.

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What’s New across commercial fitness product ranges, business services and other equipment.

Guaranteed to be something new and exciting for your business. We've showcased the latest in:-

  • Fitness Education
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Fitness Fashion & Wearable
  • Fitness Technology
  • Fitness Training Aids
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1. Become A Six-Figure Sales Success
2. FILEX 2019 Convention - Where Thee Industry Comes To Meet
3 . How Can Altitude Training Help Increase Fat Burning, Reduce Insulin & Improve Fitness
4 . Personal Best Fitness Takes Tassie Honours
5. How To Deliver Member Satisfaction Through Your Equipment
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The Summer Edition of the What's New in Fitness Magazine delivers essential news and
business articles to better inform you on your business making decisions.
Fitness professionals always benefit from useful and meaningful information and advice for their business, regardless of their capacity in the industry. The Summer 2018 Edition of the magazine delivers the goods!
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