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Life Fitness
Is This The Best Bodyweight Training Device On The Market?

Traditional and functional exercises for the upper and lower body has a new superstar – the OmniBall.

The OmniBall is a 2lb (0.9kg) or 4lb (1.8kg) omnidirectional ball that attaches to the hands or feet and offers the ability to do both traditional and functional trining.
This unique patented product will challenge your strength, stability and flexibility like never before.
An alternative motion cross-trainer, the new Life Fitness Arc Trainer gets greater results in less time .

Ideal for new exercisers and those looking for a challenging high-intensity workout, and everyone in between, the new Life Fitness Total Body Arc Trainer has 21 incline levels so exercisers can choose the type of workout they want, working different muscle groups and the moving arms with multi-grip handles offer a total-body workout...

Refresh your cardio zone with 3 machines in 1
Best Cardio: HIIT Air Bikes
FourD Media
HIIT Cardio Spotlight: Four Air Bikes Guaranteed To Rock Your Class .

Massively popular, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes are a highly effective and efficient way to maximise calorie burn and yield great results for all participants .

The two part mix of high intensity cardio intervals and metabolic resistance training make up the ingredients for an HIIT session and although it may be less appealing for those who say like running outside.

WNiF present four easily portable HIIT cardio air bikes that will compliment and complete your HIIT session .
5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Video Agency.

When it comes to content, video is king. Often you just don’t know where to begin.

Smartphone, a mate with a DSLR or a college kid looking for experience. Whichever way, you get below-par content and a shady client experience.

Here are 5 reasons you should look to a hire a professional video agency to help tell your story and...
FourD Media
Video Production & Marketing
For The Fitness Industry

View the NEW Precor 'Gym Success Story' for
QUT Gardens Point YMCA, Brisbane, QLD
one in a series of videos created by FourD Media.
TELL YOUR STORY! FourD Media deliver powerful video content and
marketing solutions for fitness businesses.
View promotional videos of new or recently launched supplier products, services, key industry interviews, plus industry events promotions and announcements.
To feature a promotional video for your business call 1300 38 38 77 .

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3 . World Gym Partners With Myzone
4 . Australia's Fastest Growing Health Club Owner To Continue Rapid Expansion In 2019
5. How Can Altitude Training Help Increase Fat Burning, Reduce Insulin & Improve Fitness
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The Summer Edition of the What's New in Fitness Magazine delivers essential news and
business articles to better inform you on your business making decisions.
Dare I say that Summer is coming to end!! For many I suppose it'll be a relief from the extreme hot weather we've been experiencing these past months. With Autumn around the corner, we're finalising the next Edition of the next WNiF Magazine.

For Fitness professionals, our aim is to always provide beneficial, useful and meaningful information for their business, regardless of their capacity in the industry.

The Autumn 2019 Edition will be out the first week in March 2019.
Before we get to next month's new Autumn 2019 Edition, check out a few of the articles in this latest Summer 2018 edition:-

Australia's Top Fitness Suppliers - ALL IN ONE PLACE
With over 1,200 listed businesses, the WNiF Supplier Guide is a complete A - Z of commercial fitness equipment suppliers & service providers. That means there is nothing you can't find.

Choosing the right equipment & services for your business is an important decision. The good news is, suppliers want your business, so shop around & get 3-4 quotes for everything you need.