Greetings from ROI Search Group,

As we bid a wistful adieu to the hot summer months and relish the first chilly nights of Autumn, I can't help but reflect on the wonderful year we've had so far here at ROI Search Group . Our staff and clientele, as well as our prospective hires, have all played an integral part in organically shaping each gratifying change the year has brought forth.

Autumn is a season of transition. It is both a preparation phase for winter's sleepy attitude and a culmination that reminds us to take stock of all the bounty and provision we’ve been afforded. It is a time for counting our blessings and taking inventory of our joys, and we here at ROISG have much to be pleased about and grateful for.

Our latest news is by every account one of our proudest achievements. We are now certified nationally as a women-owned business! This is exciting, and took a lot of work from the entire team that we are recognized as a national business with a strong presence in Indiana and are women-owned makes me very proud of the work we are doing. Many thanks for all of the support and to the National Women's Business Enterprise for the Certification!

Another bit of news that is near and dear to us, as supporting community is at the heart of ROISG's mission, is that I'm competing as a Champion for Best Buddies International! Best Buddies is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The work they do is incredibly inspiring. Learn more below, and please consider donating to this worthy organization.

Moving toward the final moments of the year, we maintain our charge to provide the ultimate talent acquisition experience with methods that remain unique by design. As employers continue to recognize our values and capabilities of better understanding of their goals, job requirements and their company culture, we remain humble in our thanks for those who support us. We advance with every intention of keeping Excellence in Service synonymous with ROI Search Group. Please read on to learn more about where we are now and where we are heading. Until next quarter!

Warm Regards,

Stacey McCreery
Founder and President, ROI Search Group
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How to Retain High-Performing Employees

Losing high-performing employees can hamper an organization in many ways. Clear communication and proactive goal-setting can improve job satisfaction for those employees and make it more likely that they will stay.

In Stacey's most recent article on employee retention, she discusses ways to keep your superstars onboard.  Read more

ROISG Employee Spotlight
One of Julie Teixeira's passions as Senior Client Consultant with ROI Search Group is helping hiring managers solve their unique challenges. "I often find we are looking to fill new positions that didn't previously exist," she says. Using the firm's proprietary methods, she spends time curating the positions with the client, not just checking boxes. Together, Julie and the hiring manager spend 45-60 minutes reviewing the details of each specialized position to determine the background of the perfect candidate, and to establish the position's main requirements. This process of discovery allows Julie to engage ROISG's Talent Acquisition Consultants to find candidates with the ideal blend of experience and education, and to take into consideration only those who would be a perfect fit for the client's organizational culture. "If a hiring manager hasn't found a quality candidate in a 30 day period we should look at revising job descriptions," Teixeira notes. "We don't want them to lose any more time looking for the right person, so we'll need to spend the time to cull out what is needed for any given position."

Learn more about working with Julie here .
From left to right: Julie Teixeira, Sharon Menachemi, Stacey McCreery, Kimberly Mundt, and Julia Moffett (Not pictured: Matt Dichard and Rhiannon Bleecher)
Catch Up On
Our 3rd Quarter Events
Stacey recently spoke at the Becker's Hospital Review 4th Annual Health IT + Revenue Cycle Conference on "Navigating Change: The Journey of Clinical and Financial Integration," on the topic of mergers, acquisition, and integration. Read More .
Stacey McCreery with fellow speaker Peyton Manning
Erin Davis, Liz James, Stacey McCreery, and Angela Walker discuss integration
Stacey presented a webinar for the Indiana Rural Health Association on succession planning process and ways to reduce turnover.

She also can come speak directly to your team succession planning. Message here for further information or to schedule a session.

Stacey recently hosted a session at the HR Indiana Annual Conference on Succession Planning for Today's Workforce.

She shared about succession planning and the career action plan.

The Leading Light Awards were held on October 4, 2018 at the Indiana Roof Ballroom and celebrated the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The event was emceed by Gerry Dick of Inside INdiana Business. Stacey, who was nominated in the Leadership category, attended the awards ceremony with her husband, Ryan.

Ryan and Stacey McCreery
Client Appreciation &
Benefit Event
Our client appreciation and benefit event was held on August 16th in Indianapolis.
Do you want to be invited to the next party? We're adding multiple Senior Client Consultants to our team as we continue to grow and expand our support to organizations.
Upcoming Events
Stacey will be speaking at the Wisconsin's HFMA Conference on January 25, 2019. Read more
A Heart for Teaching
Our own McCreery teaches a course on m anagement training in the executive education program in partnership with the Indiana Hospital Association at Indiana University – Purdue University in Indianapolis .

Curious how you can attend the next class as an emerging leader?
McCreery became a client herself for the X-390 business/marketing class at Indiana University – Purdue University in Columbus, Indiana. The students were exceptional and completed five challenging projects.

Community Involvement
ROI Search group is dedicated to our community and continues to support children and adults with developmental disabilities. Stacey was thrilled to be a chosen as a Champion for Best Buddies.
We were so happy to be able to support the youth sports teams of Our Lady of Grace Catholic School at their first annual golf outing!
Should your organization be next?
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“ROI Search Group’s growth in Fishers is another great example of an innovative company growing in our entrepreneurial community,” said Mayor Scott Fadness. 
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