RUSH is proud to be in the thick of economic development in North Brevard!
"Titusville Talking Points", a  new video produced by the City of Titusville, features several RUSH projects:
" Titusville Talking Points " highlights new and ongoing economic development and community enhancements across the City of Titusville The projects featured in this latest video update include Parrish Health Village,  Embraer, The Brix Project, and Titus Landing.  RUSH  is proud to say that it is involved with all of these projects.
President, William Chivers, Talks Community
with  i4 Business Magazine
In a recent feature in  i4 Business Magazine , RUSH president, William Chivers, speaks of how he got started in the industry, how RUSH has persevered through a national and regional economic slump, and about his passion for the City of Titusville, which RUSH Construction, Inc.  calls home.

"We build things that make a difference in people's lives. Whether that is helping astronauts go into space or a medical facility where lifesaving or life transforming treatments are delivered or a YMCA... That is a pretty rewarding experience."

This sense of reward and accomplishment comes to Chivers not only as the president of RUSH Construction, Inc. but also as a member of the city which he loves, The City of Titusville.
Spacecoast Living Tells Story of RUSH Construction's Act of Kindness for the Boy Scouts
Boy Souts Troop 360, of Mims, was meeting in a 1930's home donated by Mims United Methodist Church, and the building was in dire need of repairs. William Chivers, and the entire RUSH Construction team, were quick to help.

On one of the days of the refurbishment, the RUSH team, as well as RUSH joint-venture partners at LINK Contracting, Inc. , came together to attempt to have the building ready by Christmas. With the help of managers, directors, and other team members... they did just that!