Enjoy the beautiful stories below of friendships made through Women of Grace! Thank you to those who shared your hearts with us with your inspiring stories of friendship.
Praise God for Sacred Sisters!!
I had an abusive mother and had trust issues with women. I always shied away from women’s groups and felt I couldn’t ever bond with women. A woman whose kids were friends with my kids invited me to a Women of Grace study, and when I heard it was only women, I started to say, ‘no.’ A voice spoke and said, ‘yes.’ The Holy Spirit spoke for me. It’s my 2nd year with Women of Grace now, and God is opening doors of faith, trust, and learning, and slowly tearing down walls. I’ve gotten to know several women and have created some strong bonds. I feel love and acceptance. I’m so grateful for Women of Grace and look forward to joining other women as we explore our faith and friendship. 

-Mary Steele
In 2016 I moved to the Boca Raton, FL area and knew nobody. My husband and I started attending St Joan of Arc Catholic Church. As I was leaving Mass one Sunday I saw a table advertising the Women of Grace Foundational Study, so I signed up and oh what a blessing. I went on to become a facilitator and have made so many friends through the study. Martha Nicolli, our Regional Coordinator has been phenomenal leading so many women to becoming better witnesses for Christ. The Saturday Morning of Grace draws women from many of the surrounding parishes so friendships are formed and thus, a sisterhood that supports each other. The friendships stretch far beyond a weekly or monthly meeting. I am so thankful for Women of Grace and and the sisterhood. I’ll end with a bible verse I’ve heard Martha use a lot:

Sirach 6:14 - A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter. He that has found one has found a treasure.

-Sue Walker
Today is Make a Friend Day. I will like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the love and friendship I have encountered through Women of Grace. Friends are a significant part of our lives and I am blessed to have met you all, such special and dear ladies, truly Women of Grace.
A long time ago, I read this phrase “Friends are flowers in the garden of life.” It really touched me and I have never forgotten it. I even had it typed on my personal presentation cards.
Women of Grace are friends which bring so much happiness to our everyday.
We share our lives, care for one another, pray for one another, become each other’s confidant, and endure good and bad times together making the relationship a sisterhood bond like no other.
We embrace God, Jesus and our Holy Mother Mary together, and we grow in faith with great devotion.
Friends are truly flowers in the garden of life, and so we must care for them, water them, keep them safe, and protect them from harsh weather.
The more love we give them, the more precious they will become.
They will bloom to maturity, strong, sharing the most precious colors, like a rainbow in the sky.
Thank you for embellishing my life! Thank you to Women of Grace!
God bless you all.
-Ana Maria Alcorta
Saint Joan of Arc
Boca Raton, FL
The Women of Grace Foundational Study is the sling shot that flew me into a close and loving relationship with the Blessed Mother. Women of Grace was the beautiful instrument used to heal the wounds of my heart, allowing me to over flow the love of Jesus onto others, and to be filled by the love of dear, holy, Catholic friendships. Because of Women of Grace, I met women who helped steer me in the direction I needed to go and she continues to walk side-by-side with me as we happily sojourn on the narrow road to heaven.

-Melissa Helmle
I am so grateful for the sacred sisters and lifelong friends I have met through Women of Grace. I always wanted a sister and God gave me the gift of my sacred sisters. I never lack for a warm hug, a beautiful smile, a breakfast bestie, an adventurous companion, a worship partner or a shoulder to cry on. We are friends, but we are also fellow warriors seeking to transform the world one woman at a time together. Here are just a few highlights from many, many adventures with my sacred sisters.

-Isabelle Liberatore
Regional Coordinator
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