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Volume 1 Issue 5          May 2017
If your idea of a perfect summer day is fiddling with sprinkler timers, dragging old speakers outside to hear your music, or trying to find a place to put your old TV to watch a game outside, read no more. BUT...if the scene in this photo is your vision, call IDS today and we can set up a backyard paradise that is fully automated. All you'll have to do is keep a supply of ice on hand! Oh yeah--and we can automate that icemaker for you.
Echo Look: Part Alexa, Part Camera, Part Fashion Plate
Amazon just released Echo Look, which functions as a hands-free camera and style assistant in one. With a voice-activated camera, you can take full-length selfies that Echo Look saves and compares, ultimately suggesting which outfit looks better. Ready for your personal style assistant? Read more
Extra benefits of a home security system
There are many reasons for installing a home security system, among them protecting your home and valuables. But did you know that a security system connected to a central monitoring station may reduce your homeowner's insurance? It can also increase your home's resale value. With many systems to choose from as well as remote monitoring options, there is a system for everyone. Contact us today to learn more!
Oh say can you OvrC?
Did you know IDS offers cloud-based support for maintaining and servicing all electronic and networking equipment? OvrC allows remote access from smart devices to instantly reset or resolve technical issues. IDS can investigate and service common issues remotely, without disrupting your home or your schedule.  Read more
For a look at OvrC in use, take a look: 
Get Peace of Mind today!
If keeping your home technology systems up and running is important to you, let IDS help you maintain your electronic lifestyle and avoid significant down time. A Peace of Mind Service Plan will make sure those products keep performing like the day you purchased them!
Contact us today to learn more!
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