Polly Hull, Gene & Carol Poole, Elma Thomas,
Alison Zieglmeier (daughter of Ken and Donna Scott),
Andrew Adair, Barbara Ledford, Tom Bryson,
Carol Hager (sister of Betty Harkey), Carole Ann Simpson,
Brad Sifford, Deacon Jones, Jerry McNeill

Sympathy to Jeck Warren in the death of her brother,
Robert Lasater, on March 7, 2021

"RD and I would like to thank our church family for the calls, texts, cards, food, and gifts over the last 2 1/2 months while he has been recovering from his 2 separate stokes and heart surgery. Please continue to keep RD in your prayers his voice is still extremely hoarse and he is still looking for a job. We love you all. We can’t wait to see you!" -Maggie and RD Bond

Sympathy to Carol and Gene Poole in the death of Gene's first cousin who was more like a sister, Sister Mary Jerome Spradley, of Belmont, NC.