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July 2019 4-H 6 Night Wagon Train
August / September 2019
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Journeying back in time to shape lives for the future

Each year since its inception in 1982, a group of unbelievably dedicated and generous 4-H volunteers has created an epic wagon train experience for youth and adults alike. Developed to help connect youth with elders and families in a diverse community, 4-H Wagon Train is a (traveling) residential summer camp that engages under-served and other youth and families in real-world learning opportunities. It is a powerful and unique experience for everyone involved, including those that bring their wagons, buggies, horses and mules. Digital devices are left at home to encourage interaction with fellow trekkers.
Click here to read the full story and here for a short video.
Each month Metro Connection will introduce a member of our Metro Extension Advisory Board called Regional Extension Citizen Advisory Network - RECAN. Members learn about Extension work and share grass roots trends and needs from their lens and aide us in evaluating our work and planning how best to use our partnerships to reach and serve local communities. We are grateful for their time, ideas and service as Extension advocates.
We'd like you to meet Hector Hinojosa!

Latinx local leaders: (from left) RECAN member Jose Jaime; Hillsboro Mayor Callaway and wife and RECAN member Hector Hinojosa

Throughout his childhood, there were always new people coming to dinner or staying the night at Hector Hinojosa’s family home.“My parents were always finding someone in need,” Hector said. “They instilled a sense of service by example and taught us to reach out to someone who might not be able to advocate for themselves.”

Hector’s parents dedicated themselves to serving their community. Their service projects were wide ranging, from advocating for Catholic masses in Spanish to pooling money for community members with unexpected expenses – everything from a broken transmission to sending a deceased loved one’s body back to Mexico for burial.

This sense of service is part of who he is. Now retired and nearing his 70s, Hector volunteers with multiple organizations centered on Latino advancement. He also serves on RECAN, helping guide OSU Extension in the quest to provide culturally appropriate educational services and growth opportunities for residents across Oregon . Click here to read more about Hector!
Teen Science Cafe needs you!

Would you enjoy being part of the Youth Leadership Team for the newly forming Teen Science Cafes? Teen Science Cafes is a series of fun, free, out-of-school events for teens in 7 th -12 th grade. Teens learn first-hand how local scientists and technology experts are making discoveries and solving our world’s problems. The Youth Leadership Team design and lead the program with the support of adult mentors. Teens will build leadership skills, learn how to plan and advertise events, and develop public speaking skills. To join the team, please email Kristen Moore at kristen.moore@oregonstate.edu.
An easy way to see our updated OSU Extension website!

This short video tour gives you 4 ways to find the science-based information you’re looking for on OSU Extension’s website.
Extension celebrates Agriculture at Hillsboro Hops game

Join Extension and the Hillsboro Hops for a baseball game on Thursday, August 29 at 7 pm to celebrate and honor the Agricultural community in the our region. We are featuring the Seed and Dairy industry farmers on our first year partnering with The Hops! We'd love to have you join us in supporting these hard working families and sit with us in our reserved Ag & Extension supporters section. Find tickets for that section here and we'd love to see you wear Ag related or Extension shirts and hats! Doors open at 6 pm, see you there!
My Hair, My Health
Saturday, September 7
11:30am to 4:00 pm.
The Center for Self Enhancement, Portland

My Hair My Health PDX! is an award winning, one-day community celebration.
Adapted from the San Bernardino Department of Public Health’s initiative for Black/African American women, this event is a celebration of culturally-specific, health, beauty and wellness, centering women, with all hair textures - kinky, curly, wavy, and straight. Click here for more info.
Science on Tap
How smoke changes clouds: Climate change in the Pacific Northwest

Thursday, September 12,   6:00 p.m.
Golden Valley Brewery, Beaverton
Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

Appetizers and a drink ticket are included in registration.
Click here for more information and to register.

Our Science on Tap guest this quarter is Dr. David Noone, OSU distinquished professor in the College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences. His work involves modeling and observing dynamical processes that control the environment and climate system. Hear what changes we might expect to see in our lifetime in the Pacific NW. How do smoke and water affect our climate? In short, what has Dr. Noone learned through his worldwide research expeditions and analysis.
No need to baby your corn to get miniature ears

If you grow corn in your home garden, then you might want to harvest fresh "baby" corn ears this summer.Baby corn, those tiny ears of corn popular in Asian cooking and a favorite in salad bars across the United States, is largely imported from East Asia. It is usually processed and sold in cans or jars.

The miniature size of baby corn makes consumers think that it grows from dwarf corn plants. But the tiny ears of baby corn are simply immature ears from regular-sized plants, said Jim Myers, Oregon State University vegetable breeder. Click here to read the full article.
This month we are celebrating summer with a

A simple side that is perfect for a BBQ or just because. Basil adds just the right amount of flavor to make this dish a memorable addition.
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Severe Weather

Be prepared for all types of weather- Thunder and lightening, hurricane and typhoons, tornado and high winds, and extreme heat! Download the poster here .
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