JUNE | 2020
First a Vision, Now A Reality
 Beth Or Gallery of Light is in sight

Only a few short months ago a team of Beth Or members had a vision. They wanted to create an art gallery in our building that would accomplish many things. 

It would be a beautiful addition to our sacred space. It would be another touch point to create interest in the community to consider Beth Or as their spiritual home. And lastly, it would be a major source of fund raising.

The Gallery of Light is has taken shape. An active fund raising drive raised sufficient funds to redesign our old library space into a beautiful art gallery. COVID 19 put a few unexpected obstacles in our path to open the gallery to the outside world. The creative juices of the Gallery Team, Rabbi Robyn Fisher and the Leadership Team, however, are finding ways to overcome these obstacles. Work is underway to establish virtual workshops and, if needed, a virtual Grand Opening.

The workshops (which are a dynamic source of revenue for Beth Or) may take shape as part virtual and part in person, employing strict social distancing guidelines.

The Gallery of Light team consists primarily of Marilyn Traeger, Jen Berse and Enid Garber. Often working with the team are Linda Faber, Pat Barron, Amy Lomaskin, Karen Steinberg-Lewis, Janie Emerson and Cheryl Goodman. To give our members a better idea of what the Gallery will look like when fully adorned with artwork, click on this link to see the potential:  https://marilyntraeger.wixsite.com/gallery/bethor-home-gallery .

Stay tuned for further announcements on workshops and other Gallery events. In the meantime, pay attention to Beth Or’s Zoom offerings as the Gallery art team has been regularly offering some wonderful Zoom art programs.
Torah Study
Schedule for June
June 6 - Rabbi Terry Bookman
June 13 - Rabbi Robyn Fisher
Notice reminders and Zoom links will be sent prior to each Torah Study session.
Annual Congregational Meeting June 7
Beth Or’s Annual Congregational Meeting will take place via Zoom on Sunday, June 7 at 11 AM. In addition to hearing a report of this past year’s events and activities, the Leadership Team will be giving a detailed analysis of what’s ahead for Beth Or. The congregation will also vote on the new Board of Directors for the coming year. Please join us for this important meeting.
Meeting ID 834 3468 9540
Password 31196
Amazing attendance at weekly
Friday Night Worship Services
Despite COVID 19, attendance at our weekly Shabbat Services has been been amazing. Rabbi Robyn Fisher, along with our lay leaders, have been providing outstanding services each and every week. Kudos to Amy Lomaskin and Mel Tenen for creating the screen images during services, Michael Henry for the music and all the lay leaders who have stepped forward to lead services. Zoom links for the weekly services are sent to the membership on Thursdays. Services information is also maintained on the website calendar.
Beth Or answers the call to aid Kosher Food Bank
Beth Or really stepped up to the plate this week with generous donations to the Kosher Food Bank. Working in conjunction with the Miami Sisterhood Alliance, of which Beth Or is a founding member, congregations throughout the county are replenishing the Kosher Food Bank with very specifically needed items. Our June 1 - 3 drive has netted dozens upon dozens of donations from our members. Thank you Beth Or for making a difference!!
Website Calendar/Events Keeps You in the Know
Gee, I wonder what’s up next at Beth Or? Wonder no longer. If you visit Beth Or’s website at www.bethormiami.com , and you click on the Calendar/Events tab at the top of the screen, it will take you to a completed update and interactive calendar of upcoming events. Find an event of interest on a particular day, click on it and it will give you details including time, place and other pertinent information.
The following is our tributes list:
In honor of the
BethOr@Home Zoom:

Marti & Tom Gammon in honor of Kathy Fisler and the Zoom Services & Meetings

Diane Barkow in honor of Marvin Dunn

Marcy Prince in honor of Nancy Kirsner

Wendy Bandklayder is Enjoying our Zoom Group

Andrea Loring in honor of Enid's outstanding Zoom session about Van Gogh.

Dick Dorn in appreciation for the wonderful Zoom programing

Mindy & Rabbi Mark Kram in honor of TBO's Virtual Learning Program

Gallery of Light:

Enid Garber & Mark Rosenblum in honor of the Gallery of Light and Marilyn Traeger's light that she brings with Art Talks.

Janie Emerson in honor of Enid Garber who provided us with a memorable Zoom session about Van Gogh. I learned a lot from Enid. Thank you!

Amy Lomaskin in honor of Enid Garber for her wonderful presentation on Vincent Van Gogh!

Marti & Tom Gammon in honor of Enid Garber for her Van Gogh Art Talk

Dickie Davis in honor of Marilyn Traeger and her creative spirit

Marilyn Traeger, Thank you to Linda Faber for your creativity & Teesha generosity
Marilyn Traeger, Thank you to Enid Garber for your forever friendship & for playing with me always
Marilyn Traeger, Thank you to Jen Berse for your creative smarts & pragmatic approach
Marilyn Traeger, Thank you to Pat Barron for inviting me to learn about Judaism through art. I appreciate out new friendship.

Enid Garber & Mark Rosenblum in honor of Mel Tenen’s Birthday.

In Honor of:

Ellen Siegel in honor of Kathy Fisler for masks

Amy Lomaskin in honor of Marilyn Traeger, Enid Garber & Linda Faber

Enid Garber & Mark Rosenblum to the Garden in honor of the Leadership Team & Marcy Princes' celebration of Mother's Day

Enid Garberg & Mark Rosenblum in honor of Rabbi Robyn, Rabbi Kram and Rabbi Bookman

Diane Pearl in honor of Kathy Fisler

Marcy Prince for her wonderful Stone Soup Shabbat Service

Mindy & Rabbi Mark Kram in honor of Kathy Fisler

Vicki Brail & Jeannie Covert in honor of Mel Tenen's Birthday

Rabbi's Disc Fund:

Deborah Press in memory of Shirley Pollak for Mother's day

Ossie & Harry Hanauer in honor of Abbe Bill Schwartz's granddaughter

Elaine & Don Krasnick in memory of Marvin Silverberg

Amy Lomaskin in honor of Rabbi Robyn, Kara & Ali Fisher

Yahrzeit Fund:

Celia Belsky in memory of my beloved Aunt Gloria Klarfeld-Solin

Diane Pearl in memory of my father, Sam Pearl & my grandfather Harry Feder

Annette & Stephen Katz in memory of Harold Van Dam, beloved father of Annette Katz

Marilyn Traeger, Thank you to Marcy Prince for your vision and insight in the Meditation Garden

General Fund:
Marilyn Traeger, Thank you to Rabbi Robyn Fisher for you!
Marilyn Traeger, Leadership Team, Annette, Ilien & Andrea, Thank you for your inspiring leadership
Marilyn Traeger, Thank you Karen Steinberg-Lewis for the introduction
Marilyn Traeger, Thank you Amy & Mel for your support
Marilyn Traeger, Thank you Michael & Vicky for the flooring help & the gift of weekly inspirational music
Rose Spector in honor of Mel Tenen for his birthday and for being a good friend
Advancing Jewish Music Fund:
Rose Spector in honor of Kathy Fisler and her amazing sewing skills

In memory of
Dr. Marvin Silverberg:

Vicki Brail & Jeanne Covert

Irene Elliott

Linda & Shep Faber

Ellen & John Hanson

Karen Steinberg-Lewis

Natalie & John Breslin

Linda & Shep Faber

Enid Garber & Mark Rosenblum

Marti & Tom Gammon

Nichole Venious & Ben Zeskind

Phyllis Winnick

Sara Horowitz

Hedy & David Hirsch

Michelle & Peter Sobel, Lee, Greg & Keith

Diane Pearl

Barbara Merwitzer

Janet & Michael Brown

Jenifer & Robert Berse

In memory of:

Ilien & Keith Hechtman in memory of Joan Abrams, sister of Steven Katz

Karen Susman in memory of Steven Katz's sister, Joan Abrams

Annette & Stephen Katz in memory of Joan Marilyn Abrams who passed away on May 13, 2020

Andrea Loring in memory of my Nana, Gertrude Miller

Andrea Loring in memory of Joan Abrams, sister of Stephen Katz

Phyllis Winnick in memory of Donna Eisenberg

Memorial Plaques:

Ilien & Keith Hechtman in memory of Marc Henry Hechtman
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