November Events & Updates, No 2

Have you sent your  Thank You Postcards ?

Let Mayor London Breed know that funding for educators impacts you and your community. Send your postcards in time for the next Tuesday, November 20 recognition of United Nation’s Universal Children’s Day. (More information to come on a City Hall proclamation and recognition event. Email if you can be at City Hall around noon, Tuesday, November 20.)

See more information about  the 10,000 Thank You Postcard campaign  including downloadable postcards, information sheets—and pictures of the campaign.

More DCYF Family Summits this weekend and next. See details below.

Sara Hicks-Kilday
ECESF Director
Upcoming DCYF Family Summits
The next Family Summit is in District 9 tomorrow, followed by November 23 for District 6:

The  We Are The City Family Summits  are places for San Francisco youth and families to make their voices heard. Families and educators of our youngest children are not heard from enough at these events. You’re voice is especially important – you are invited to share your personal stories, perspectives and experiences to help make San Francisco a great place to grow up. The  We Are The City Family Summits are places for San Francisco youth and families to make their voices heard. What you share will play a critical role in our five year planning process ,  ultimately guiding how the City will invest in programs and services for young people (ages 0-24). Food, childcare, interpretation & family fun will be provided. All Family Summits are open to all San Francisco residents.
See a full list of DCYF Family Summits.