February 2019
Have you started the New Year with a new chapter 
only to find that 2018's chapters are still incomplete?

You are all set for a clean slate for the New Year, right? You've powered through January and then, POW!!! A reminder that 2018 isn't quite finished with you yet. Exceptions pop up at the most inopportune time leaving you with a mess.

Messy collateral files and antiquated systems can wreak havoc, inundating your department with brain-teaser type of challenges trying to complete the chain of title. Rest assured, with our snazzy Post-Closing solution, a missing document or missing signatory can't hide for long. Our prep team is ready and our investigative research team is on the hunt and very determined to get those signatures!

Squeaky clean collateral files will mean less work in the future. Ensuring the chain of title is complete for each loan saves time, money and headaches when it comes time to transfer servicing, or if you ever have to foreclose.

While this clean up is crucial more now than ever before, it is still near impossible to achieve with budget constraints and lack of staff to complete the process. If you are facing similar issues, you may be searching for answers too. Richmond Monroe is here to help design processes that make chain of title issues easy and cost effective...and of course, leave your collateral files sparkling clean! For more information on this and other services, contact one of our sales staff.

Our eRecording network now covers more than 1,700 counties across the nation. We're constantly adding more counties to our list. These are the latest counties now e-recording with RMG: 

The latest eRecording counties:

Kansas - Neosho County
Nevada - Mineral County
North Dakota - Adams County
North Dakota - Eddy County
North Dakota - McIntosh County
Ohio - Seneca County
South Carolina - Saluda County
Virginia - Mecklenburg County
Washington - Skagit County
West Virginia - Jefferson County
Wisconsin - Price County


List Of Services

Document Preparation
Lien Releases
Endorsements and More!

Document Retrieval
Lien Position Search
Title Policy Retrieval
Nationwide Services

Document Recording
eRecording Services
Corrective Recording Services
Nationwide Recording

Document Tracking
Recorded Documents
Post Closing Documents
Foreclosure Documents

Collateral File Review
Pre-Purchase Due Diligence
Assignment Chain Audit
Exception Reporting

Lender Tracing Services
Investigative Signer Search
Document Tracking
Exception Reporting

Imaging Services
Imaging and Indexing
Secure Digital Storage
24/7 Website Access

Vault Services
Secure Record Storage
Check In/Out Access
Offsite Vault Storage

Including Commercial Services

Financial Statement 

Commercial Insurance Policy

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